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Fun, dynamic and experienced teacher and tutor.

I am an experienced science teacher with both classroom experience as well as having one-on-one tutoring experience. When I was a high school student I remember struggling in one of my math classes. My mom hired a tutor for me. Although the tutor was Russian and spoke with a heavy accent, he was able to communicate concepts to me in a way that made sense and were understandable. I was thinking "Why couldn't my teacher explain things to me as clearly and easily as this gentleman did?". I... [more]







As a science major at the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse NY), I majored in zoology and minored in botany. Courses included zoology (2 semesters), herpetology, comparative anatomy, histology and physiology. My college required me to complete a summer field program and I attended a program in Blacksburg, Virginia (associated with University of Virginia). The program focused on herpetology and that mountainous region was known as one of the most diverse locations in the United States for amphibia. I believe I received 7 credit hours for the course.


I attended the College of Environmental Science and Forestry (Syracuse, NY) and minored in botany. Subjects included dendrology, plant pathology, etc. The college owned forest land and many of my classes involved weekly hours in the field. In addition, As an experienced high school biology teacher, botany was included in the teaching curricula I was required to present to my classes.


As a biology major, I was required to complete a 4 credit genetics course which included a lab concentrating on genetics of the fruit fly. As an experienced biology teacher, I was required to teach a unit on genetics. Since evolution was also a required component and with genetic mutation being the raw material for species changing over time, this was also included in both my college coursework and high school curriculum.