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Applied Sociologist, Gifted Writer/ Grammarian, Christ-Follower

Dear Prospective Student, Hello! My name is Alyssa S. I am an applied Sociologist and have my Master of Arts Degree in Sociological Practice from California State University San Marcos. I have taught Introduction to Sociology Courses at Vanguard University of Southern California since 2012. I also developed and launched a new course in the Spring of 2016 called "Managing Crisis." This new course blends Crisis Intervention Methodology with Trauma Stewardship practices. We study Trauma Exposur... [more]



The use of correct grammar is essential to effective communication and writing. I believe it is important for students to develop and practice their use of correct grammar in their speaking and writing. I believe that one of the best ways to learn and teach grammar is by reading our work aloud, walking the student through the proofreading process, and also allowing them to catch their own errors in the process with assistance. My goal is always to teach the student the skills they will need to proofread their own work, and change tenses when needed. I am passionate about the correct use of language, using articulate and accurate terminology, and writing in a way that the reader can grasp the intended meaning. Correct and thorough understanding of grammar allows for students to write in ways that engage the reader (rather than distract them with errors).



Individual development of articulate writing skills is fundamental in today's marketplace. I believe whole-heartedly in connecting with students on a personal level to discover their goals for their writing, how they believe they can improve, what they enjoy writing about, and the message they want to convey in their written work. I am passionate about the mechanics of the English language, and how words can be used to convey powerful and necessary messages to the world. Our written work is often our first impression, and I believe that every student is capable of improving their skills through practice. My approach to tutoring students centers on personal engagement. It is essential to discover what the student enjoys writing about, or to help them focus on things about their writing assignment they enjoy and feel are important to articulate.




Proofreading is a vital step before submitting any assignment. My goals with proofreading student work include primarily understanding the prompt, making sure that proper grammar, spelling, and sentence structure are employed, and making sure the intended message is conveyed. I believe in concise writing that is organized and purposeful. In my teaching, I focus on the students goals for their work, how they want their finished product to sound (reading aloud is quite helpful), and what they believe is important. It is vital that I connect with the student in order to help them gain the skills to proofread their own work as well. Much of that ability comes with practicing correct grammar, implementing the use of transition statements, and finding alternative words in some instances in order to expand written skills. The goal with any session is to impart additional skills, and for the student to gain confidence each time we meet in their own writing and editing abilities.


I am an applied Sociologist and have a Master of Arts Degree in Sociological Practice. I currently teach Sociology at Vanguard University of Southern California. I teach Introduction to Sociology and a new course on Managing Crisis that blends Crisis Intervention methodology and Trauma Stewardship. Subjects that I can provide advanced help in include: Qualitative Research, Graduate-level and Undergraduate-level Proofreading, Sociological Theory, Research Methodology, Social Class, Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Religious Studies, Human Sexuality, Social Problems, Urban Sociology, Feminist Thought, and Women's Studies. I believe in helping students see the big picture regarding why sociological thought matters. I believe it is helpful to provide analogies and explanations that students can relate to so they can grasp the meaning of terminology, concepts, and theoretical models as they apply to social phenomena.