Austin O.

Austin O.


Palm City, FL 34990

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I'm a college student wishing to put his know-how to good use.

I haven't had any experience teaching so far, but ever since I was in elementary school I've been making films and with that I've accumulated an extensive knowledge on how to use everything from Microsoft Word to Photoshop. I've taken a number of classes on graphic design, filmmaking, art, and many computer programs. I am currently going to college to study filmmaking, (I'm actually working on a web-series for the actor Dylan McDermott over the summer). I'm excited to see how my career dev... [more]

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I am currently going into my second year of college studying filmmaking. I have been taught in the history of film starting all the way back to Edison and the Lumiere brothers to modern day cinema. I understand framing, composition, lighting setups such as high key, low key or high contrast. I have been on the crew for 30 different professional student films in the past year I can provide call sheets for. Currently I am a g&e swing/boom operator for a web-series that was created & partially directed by Dylan McDermott. I have worked in every department on a film set so I know much of the technical aspects of filmmaking. My particular area of interest is writing and cinematography so I have made it essential to know as much as I can about cameras and their specifics (e.g. exposure, ISO, aperture, focal lengths, etc.).