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Mark F.


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Latin and Writing Tutor - BC Graduate Student

I have studied taught Classical Languages such as Latin and Ancient Greek at the collegiate and graduate level for over 10 years. I have tutored numerous middle school, high school, and college students in Introductory, Intermediate, Advanced as well as A.P. Latin. I am currently in the process of producing a dual Latin-English copy of Book of Psalms, which will be available for purchase on in the late Spring 2018. Lastly, I am in working this summer with the Aquinas Institute ... [more]

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I have studied Latin and Ancient Greek at the collegiate and graduate level for over almost a decade. I have tutored numerous middle school, high school, and college students in Introductory, Intermediate and advanced Latin. I have even worked with high school Latin teachers in helping them prepare for their state mandated Latin Praxis exams. I can work with you in any capacity in order to improve your comprehension of the Latin language. I have access to almost all contemporary Latin textbooks and can work to supplement the work being done in school or can create curriculum?s designed around your student?s needs. I look forward to helping you become a better Latin student.



In addition to being a Wyzant Writing, Grammar, Proofreading, and SAT Writing tutor, I am also an independent Writing Consultant. I can meet you at any stage of the writing process and can assist you in brainstorming, outlining, drafting, and revising your work.




I am familiar with all styles of citation formats and can quickly and efficiently proofread and edit your work. I have worked with high school, college, and graduate students, and can help make the writing process manageable and more enjoyable for you!

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I am qualified to tutor Ancient Greek because I have taken four semesters of Ancient Greek at a collegiate level. I excelled in the subject matter during my post-baccalaureate studies. I can proficiently read texts written in Ancient Greek and am proficient at reading the New Testament in it's original Koine Greek. I also have experience tutoring high school students, and my goal is to become a teacher. I continue my studies through a lot of self learning.


As someone who struggled with ADD/ADHD early in life, I know that students can feel frustrated when they fall behind academically while their peers succeed. As a parent, I know that ADD/ADHD student are often talented and, yet can fall behind in the classroom. As a teacher, I have successfully worked with many students who struggle academically and who need special attention because of learning disabilities. As a Wyzant tutor, I believe that it is essential to establish a working relationship with both students as well as parents in order to ensure that the students focused. When I work with students who have been diagnosed with ADHD, I like to begin by assessing academic needs and learning styles in order to create a tutoring program tailored for each individual student. I firmly believe that students who suffer from ADHD are intellectually gifted and benefit immensely from one on one tutoring and individualized lessons plans. As an educator and a homeschool parent, I have extensive experience working with and helping to improve the grades of students who struggle with ADHD through personalized intervention techniques.


As a home school parent myself, I understand the importance of providing a quality education to children of all ages and, as a result, I remain involved with several local home school associations. As a parent, I strive to provide my writing, math and classical language skills to other home school families. Due to my firsthand experience as a home schooling parent, I feel confident that together we can work to create curriculum which is tailored to your child's individual strengths and needs. I really enjoy working with home school students since I can always count on parental involvement in the education process. I look forward to working with you to see your child succeed today!