Stuart G.

Stuart G.


Ventura, CA 93004

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Former college Academic Dean, loves to work with kids

Most recently, I served as the Dean of Brooks Institute of Photography in Ventura, California where I served with distinction for 4 years. I was originally recruited as Director of Admissions by this world renowned school of photography, filmmaking, and visual journalism, to double their admissions. After some pretty hard work, My staff and I more than quadrupled it! After several successful years in admissions the executive management promoted me to Dean of the Institute overseeing al... [more]


If you do not know the words and their meaning you are unable to communicate effectively! Extending our vocabulary on a regular basis is such an important aspect of communicating effectively but also in simply understanding each other. As a former college Dean and professor, using the correct words to explain a theory, describe an event, ask the right question, give the right answer, or even just express how I was feeling was a critical skill. A strong vocabulary will help you communicate your thoughts on a daily basis.


Proper usage of our English language is not only what is expected but it is also the right thing to do. As the former college Dean and professor, I would continually strive to teach proper grammar to my students so they were able to effectively communicate their thoughts and succeed in writing effectively and correctly. The proper use and understanding of grammar is an art and is highly respected and viewed upon favorably if you can master it.


As a former college Dean and professor and as a student myself, the ability to write well is a skill we should all master. Well written communication is essential and should include a strong vocabulary, proper word usage, proper grammar, correct spelling, and the ability to put together a well structured sentence that makes sense. Writing is painting a picture with words. Tell the story.



The English language is one of the most difficult languages to learn because of its many nuances. But being able to use it correctly is critical in communicating your thoughts accurately. As a college Dean and professor it was always an important aspect of my teaching to use correct spelling and word usage in my subject lessons, exams, communications with students, and evaluations.


Handwriting is becoming a lost art. I grew up under the old school method of learning handwriting and feel today that it is the best way to learn. There is an art and method to learning how to write well with proper slant, circles, size of letters in a word, beginning and ending of letters, how they connect with each other, and the flow of penmanship. I have been a writer using long hand writing for over 60 years and feel cursive writing is still a critical skill. I enjoy teaching handwriting and believe it is an art form we all should master. Effective communication is critical.