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16+ Years Experience/Certified K-6 Teacher

I have worked in K-6 Education since 2000. I have also tutored for the past 10 years. What I love most about tutoring is the impact and effectiveness of working with a student one on one. I can assess and address the needs of a student. However I collaborate with parents and teachers to determine what areas need to be addressed for each student. After all they know the student and have valuable insight that can aid my approach towards the students success. I worked as an EC assistant with ... [more]


Over my 15 years working in education I have helped students on every level with regard to reading. I have also tutored for the last 10 years as well. Consequently I have worked with students across all grade levels including middle school and high school. At the K level I have taught students letter recognition, phonics, and blends. In mid elementary grades I have helped students increase fluency and comprehension. Additionally in the upper elementary grades I have taught students how to monitor and record their fluency independently. This motivated them to improve as they really took ownership. I also helped students increase comprehension using specific strategies such as predicting, using context clues, and drawing conclusions. Theses strategies proved effective for middle school and high school students as well. I also ask students open ended questions. This allows the student to explain their answer. This also eliminates the guessing on their part and gives them the opportunity to justify and back up their answer. This really helps me to determine what they are thinking and why. It also opens up a dialogue with the student which allows me to understand their thought process. My experience and use of these strategies help students become more proficient readers and improve across all academic subjects as a result!


As an educator with 15 years experience in K-6 education, I have developed a solid base by working with children of many different ages and abilities in English. I have also tutored reading and writing for the last 10 years in addition to my classroom experience. This tutoring includes middle school and even high school students. Language Arts is an integral part of any classroom. Grammar is a huge part of that equation as the English language is a challenge to begin with. Without a foundation of proper grammar the language is even more challenging. I have always made writing and grammar a daily part of my classroom. Daily practice is the key for improvement in any subject. Writing is not only a great way to practice getting thoughts on paper but helps improve grammar. Having students read aloud what they have written, use rough drafts, edit and revise their work have proved to be effective strategies for students to practice and improve their skills. Additionally, reading is just as important for success in English as this is a skill students will use for the rest of their life. Reading also gives students a great model to emulate when they are writing their own work. This allows them to see examples of good writing and gain an understanding of proper grammar too. I believe students should be engaged in reading and writing about subjects and topics they are interested in whenever possible. This promotes ownership and truly is self motivating for any student!

Elementary Math

My experience teaching in the K-6 environment has given me a solid background and understanding of math across all grade levels. Whether it's basic number recognition, odd and even numbers, or geometric shapes I know the importance of mastering the basic skills in math. Without these a student will surely struggle as the skills advance through addition, subtraction and beyond. Of course multiplication and division are based on mastery of these prior skills. For example one strategy to teach multiplication is repeated addition and teaching division as repeated subtraction. Without mastery of these two prior functions of addition and subtraction a student will have great difficulty employing these specific strategies. Beyond the basic foundations needed students are also required to solve word problems, many times with multiple steps, especially in the upper grades. Having tutored students at all levels in K-6 gives me great insight into how to reach them and help them be successful!

Elementary (K-6th)

I am a currently a certified/licensed K-6 teacher. I have worked for 16 years in the K-6 environment. A total of 12 years as a full time 3rd Grade classroom teacher and as an EC assistant for 2 years prior to that. One additional year teaching students with emotional and behavioral issues. I have tutored more than a dozen students over the last 10 years. Subjects included reading, writing, study skills, and math for all levels across the K-6 curriculum.

Study Skills

Study Skills are important for all learners and students. These skills become even more critical as students progress into middle school, high school, and beyond. The most important point about study skills is that you must be organized. This is possible for anyone! Here's how. Set up a schedule looking at the big picture and determine when the assignments must be completed. Once this is done use your math skills and divide the work into sections, specifically weeks or days based on how much you can realistically finish in those time periods. Then work on these smaller assignments/sections everyday in order to finish them on time according to the schedule you made. The important thing to remember is to work on assignments each and everyday. This will keep you on schedule and relieve the pressure that comes with trying to cram!


I have worked with dozens of students with ADD/ADHD during my 15+ years in education. I understand that strategies such as chunking content and using frequent short breaks help students to stay focused and tire less easily. I also understand they learn differently and need a personalized approach. The use of visual aids such as charts, graphs, and organizational maps when possible greatly enhance learning for these students. This makes the work less overwhelming It also condenses the content for them helping them process it more easily. Most importantly I have the patience and understanding to help these students succeed!

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I understand students with autism learn differently and need a personalized plan with frequent positive reinforcement. They also need structure and scheduling consistency. I have worked with many autistic students over the years as they were mainstreamed into the general education classroom. I have also worked closely with several students and families recently. Using multiple prompts, verbal cues, and visual schedules have been very effective with these students. Additionally I collaborate with parents to understand the child's behavior plan, expectations, and incorporate that into my tutoring sessions with the student. I also understand that behavior can be an issue. I have a solid background and training regarding effective interventions and de escalation techniques.


I had to pass the Praxis exams after completing my coursework. I know how to prepare for these tests and passed on my first attempt. I can tutor someone to be successful using the techniques I used to pass these tests.