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Software Engineer with academic/professional tutoring experience

I've tutored and helped people in the professional environment with different issues including the fundamentals of development to the coding and testing aspects of software development and engineering. I love everything about tutoring because it's exciting to see people get the concepts, and understand what things mean whether it's concrete like C pointers, or more abstract like software design with UML. In addition to the rewarding aspect of seeing other people succeed, I learn during the ... [more]

Microsoft Excel

General Computer

Microsoft Word

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I use C++ on a regular basis professionally, have used it an academic environment, and have tutored various students in C++, data structures related to C++ (one of which went on to get Software Engineer of the Year award), and continue to assist individuals in the work force.


I've been developing with the original C, and it's derivatives for over 20 years. In addition to my personal, academic, and professional experience, I've been tutoring students and professionals off and on over that entire time frame.

Computer Programming

Besides tutoring, teaching, and advising on a personal (hired privately by other students), academic (e.g. Eastern Washington University, SFCC), and professional level (e.g. Boeing) in computer programming topics, I've 15+ years professional experience, 3 degrees (AA, BS, MIS), and numerous certifications.

Computer Science

In addition to applying computer science techniques, methodologies, and processes to my professional software engineering position in the aerospace industry, I also assist/tutor other professionals in the industry on computer science topics on a regular basis.


I've used DOS (disk operating system) dating back to version 3.1 at the collegiate level (7th grade), and tutored at the collegiate level (v6.x). I've also assisted and tutored professionals on old school versions of DOS all the way to newer derivatives like Windows Powershell.


I've been using Linux in its various distributions since the 1990's personally (Mandrake Linux, Ubuntu), academically (Ubuntu), and professionally (Red Hat). In that time I've assisted hundreds of working professionals in the software industry on the various workings of the Linux OS, and it's application level tools such as sed, awk, grep, less, more, etc.

Microsoft Access

I've been using and tutoring/assisting other individuals, students, and professionals since Microsoft Access 97, all the way through Microsoft Access 2013. Tutoring/assisting included development of skills in table creation/development, query creation/troubleshooting, reports, VBA (Visual Basic for Modules) module creation/troubleshooting, and SQL (Structured Query Language).

Microsoft Outlook

I've developed via VBA (Visual Basic for Applications) for custom Outlook applications dating from version 97, to more recent versions including Outlook version 2013. In addition to my development experience, I've tutored and assisted individuals in college settings, privately, and professionally understanding basic usage to intermediate usage.

Microsoft Windows

I've been using and tutoring/assisting students/professionals privately, academically, and in the workforce on innumerable versions of Windows including Windows 3.1, to Win9x, WinNT, Windows 10, and more.


In the past I've written Perl scripts to handle system administrative tasks, and recently, I've been tasked to re-write / port Perl scripts to other languages and newer versions of Perl in order to stay modern with build environments and configurations. I've assisted dozens of individuals on the use of Perl for personal and professional use.


I've been using and developing in PHP (PHP Hypertext Preprocessor) since 2002 developing websites consisting of hundreds of PHP pages. I've also tutored and assisted dozens of students over the years since 2004 in PHP, it's libraries, and its application.


I've used UNIX, and Linux, and a number of variants over the last 20 years in the course of tutoring, and helping other students, and professionals. The different variations of UNIX include AIX, and numerous Linux distributions (Ubuntu, Red Hat, Mandrake, etc, etc). I've also used, and developed with UNIX and Linux during my entire career, which includes re-compiling the Linux kernel, and advanced development including User/Kernel space development.

Visual Basic

I've been using Visual Basic for over 20 years, dating back to the DOS based Visual Basic 3.0, to Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), and VB.NET. I've tutored for Visual Basic privately, academically, and professionally.


I've been using and developing in the C# language since its early introduction into the software development world. I've also tutored, and explained the differences and nuances between the C# language and other object oriented languages such as Java, and C++.

Microsoft Project

In addition to having use Microsoft Project, various versions of such, for academic (M.S. in I.S.), and professionally (Boeing) to manage innumerable projects, build schedules; I've had to help other professionals learn about the nuances and tip/tricks of using Microsoft Project.


I've been using/developing privately, academically, and professionally since the early days of the Python language. I'm using it currently in the new self-driving car engineer program at Udacity. I've been tutoring/mentoring off and on for years privately and professionally for over 10 years.


In my current capacity as a build master, I've written our build scripts for the Java & C++ platforms, and had to explain/describe our Ruby build process (because it differed from the standard Perl based processes) to upper level build masters. I've also maintained my knowledge of Ruby through online courses, and participated as a moderator/tutor online.


I've been developing professionally in Javascript for over a decade, and teaching/assisting/tutoring privately, and academically in the application of Javascript in basic web development consisting of topics in function coding, basic conditional structures such as if/switch statements, looping with for, while, etc. Teaching/assisting/tutoring also has included more advanced topics such as arrays, objects, integrating jQuery, AJAX, amd Node.JS.


As a part of tutoring students and professionals on HTML, CSS, and general web development techniques, I've included tutoring on jQuery, including jQuery functions, and selectors (e.g. class, ID, element), modification of existing elements, addition of new elements (e.g. append to DOM), events, event handling (e.g. click), effects (e.g. fadeIn, fadeOut, slideDown), and traversing (e.g. find, first, each).


I've been using, and developing websites and webpages using CSS (cascading style sheets) since v1.0 of the standard, and have numerous individuals, personally, academically, and professionally use and understand the fundamentals of CSS. Specifically, I've had individuals ask how (recently) certain features of CSS3.0 work such as 2D/3D transformations, and I've helped them understand the elements to add to the individual elements such as the animation-name and animation-duration, and then the keyframes to attach to the animation-name.