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Organic Chemistry, Biology Tutor

Organic chemistry is pretty tough. I took organic chemistry for the first time two years ago and only received a C+. The next semester, I took the second part of the organic chemistry sequence and got an A. Now, I find myself applying to PhD programs in the subject. How? Well, organic chemistry is kind of like a language. There is a logic behind it, and once you discover the logic of it through practice, it actually becomes enjoyable and you'll find yourself using organic chemistry to unde... [more]

SAT Math

I can teach SAT Math proficiently because I am a mathematics major. Moreover, I also taught SAT Math at my local high school. I did remarkably well on my SAT Math section when I took the exam several years ago.


I spent several months studying for the GRE, and discovering the best possible study methods. When I took the GREs I got a score in the top percentile- 322. Moreover, I have since tutored several students in the exam.

SAT Reading

I am qualified to teach SAT reading because I got the highest score in SAT reading than any of my other sections on the SAT (720). Moreover, I have experience in reading comprehension from the MCAT and GRE. I also tutored several students in SAT reading.

Organic Chemistry

I took several courses which would inform my ability to teach organic chemistry: Organic Chemistry 1, Organic Chemistry 2, Organic Chemistry Lab, Biochemistry Lab, Biochemsistry, Advanced Studies in Chemistry. In the last course, I completed an independent research project in organic chemistry, culminating in an honors thesis. Moreover, I have volunteered for a non-profit teaching kids chemistry.