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UCLA Grad for English, Math, Science and more

I am a UCLA graduate with many years experience teaching ongoing science, history, philosophy, and literature classes to private groups. My focus centers on helping students make a plan for success and help them carry it out. I love to help students with their writing. As a recent student myself, I have been on the Dean's list and earned a 4.0. I have a wide range of experience, from my psychology degree from UCLA to a certification as a Physical Therapy Assistant with the APTA in Californi... [more]

Algebra 1

I have six years experience with Alg 1 students, both common core and earlier methods. Knowing that many students lack the tools to be able to identify what approach or formula to use, I focus on making sure student understands concepts AND how they relate to different problems, helping them know how to approach new problems. Each textbook teaches differently, so I give students a placement test and look over their textbook in the first meeting so I can best help them.


I have excelled at college-level writing and am truly eager to help students with a piece of writing as well as improving the overall quality of their writing. Last month, I was asked to be an ongoing writer for my local community college newspaper. My last English professor repeatedly expressed how much I helped the other students in our class.


I have experience helping high school and college students in English classes. I can help with with writing, grammar, vocabulary, literature and with classwork assignments. I can help with MLA format, presentations, critical analysis, and with I have experience helping students to plan and organize their coursework and assignments. I give useful help in beginning projects and keeping up with the work on a weekly basis. I am qualified because I excelled in my college English classes, I have been asked to write for a local college paper, have led Literature classes high school students and have even taught my own four kids in K-12 home school.


I have a degree in Psychology from UCLA. I recently helped college students in an introductory Psychology to understand the material, to study for tests, and to succeed in the class. I have experience with students one-on-one as well as study groups.


I have a BA in Psychology from UCLA, which heavily focused on physiology. Most recently I helped high school and college students with understanding physiological processes and how one organ system affects another. I help students by personalizing study techniques to their strengths and weaknesses. Together, we will create study pages for each chapter or section, practice repetition techniques, and make sure the student understands all the details of any system.


I have excelled in Physiology college classes, and used the subject in the field in a hospital setting. I have helped college and high school students in understanding the concepts as well as teaching them study skills in physiology. I can help you understand the processes and remember the terms. I can help you with lots of online study helps as well.


I have a wide range of literature experience. I have taught literature for more 15 years and am well read in classics and humanities as well as modern lit. I have experience in literature analysis and in understanding literary terms and literary tool usage. I love to help students with literature!


Over the last few years, I have proofread many people's papers, essays and even novels. One published author used my proofreading skills and one who is yet to be published. I can proofread for technical errors, and check for MLA mistakes. I excel at offering advice on word choice as well.

Study Skills

I completed a week-long 40-hour Study Skills intensive at Santa Barbara City College. I have proficiency from that seminar and also skills I have used with 5-12 grade and college students. I can show students how to study material from a textbook, breaking it down into tasks. I can teach how to take notes, how to study from notes, writing and rewriting as necessary. I can teach students how to make a note-page of important information to study from. I can teach how to listen and take notes from aural media. I can help students tailor their approach to time management, choosing one of several different ways to organize time depending on their learning style, making the effort and time most efficient for them.


I have home educated my four children for fifteen years successfully. I taught them each to read, write and perform arithmetic problems. I taught them history, literature, science and basic art. I can help with elementary, middle and high school. I can help determine a courseload and to help make sure high school classes are up to college standards and records are kept. I can help make transcripts and help plan for transcripts. My oldest successfully earned a 100% scholarship to a private university and got a 31 on the ACT, and has greater than a 3.5. GPA after her sophomore year. My second is thriving in theater and undergraduate studies. My third child successfully shifted into the local public high school as a freshman without any deficits. I still home educate my fourth child.