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Robert S.


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Retired Mechanical Engineering Professor

Retired Professor of Mechanical Engineering wants to help students over the "rough spots." I have the ability to motivate students, and clarify all the difficult parts of their curriculum. Many years of teaching undergraduate and graduate courses enables me to focus on what students find puzzling. This leads to great improvement in their thinking about engineering and mathematics. Years of teaching these college level courses, and applying them in the engineering profession, gives me un... [more]


I have a BME (CCNY), an MS in Engineering Mechanics (NYU), and a Ph.d. (NYU). I taught undergraduate and graduate courses at City College of NY, including calculus, both theoretical and applied.


Worked in The Manhattan Physical Research Group (MPRG) a New York City "think tank" developing practical applications based on physics. Also the author of two U.S. patents, one dealing with gyroscopic instruments, the other with electronic force sensors.

Differential Equations

I passed undergraduate & graduate courses in ordinary & partial differential equations. And I taught differential equations as part of control systems courses. Used differential equations in engineering practice and for my Ph.D. thesis.

Linear Algebra

I passed a course in Linear Algebra at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences of NYU. I used matrix theory as part of college course in multi-DoF vibration theory that I taught. I applied linear algebra when teaching graduate course in finite element structural analysis.

Mechanical Engineering

I earned the following degrees: BME, MS(Engineering Mechanics), Ph.D. and worked as Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering at two colleges, teaching kinematics and dynamics of machinery, strength of materials, vibration, thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, and control systems.