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Joanne M S.


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Superb Teacher in Many Subjects

I was valedictorian of my high school in Syracuse. I began my Bachelor's degree in elementary education and taught 4th grade for 2 years. I then taught demonstration lessons in science in grades K-5 and full time math and science in grades 6-9 for 6 years. I changed my major,earning a Bachelor's degree in pre-med. Biology and Chemistry. My degree was fully funded by scholarships. Since there were no scholarships for women and my family's income was below the poverty level, I could not apply ... [more]

American History


I majored in pre-med Biology at both the Bachelor's and Master's level with a minor in Chemistry. I also am qualified in Environmental science. I tutored a young man for 11 hours a week for the entire last year in all subjects. When I started, he was failing everything. At the end, he passed all subjects but one and he happens to be a special needs student who is 4 reading levels below grade level. I have a track record of success with students who are motivated to succeed.



Microsoft Excel

Trained in the whole Microsoft suite for 3 months; can use any version you have.


Geometry and algebra are my favorite subjects that I took in high school and college. I am tutoring algebra now with a high-school boy. I am interested in tutoring you son. I have three college degrees in science with minors in math.

Microsoft Word

I have had over 20 hours of training in computer basics and Microsoft Windows and Office when I got my first computer in the 80s.


Qualified in pre-algebra.


I was taught to teach reading in my teacher preparation, but that was some time ago. However I have been tutoring older students whose reading levels have been considerably below grade level and they have made great strides. I tutor students in vocabulary from their school subjects using flash cards so that they can learn meaning, pronunciation and spelling at one time. I have taught reading through literature such as "Shakespeare's tragedies, Homer's Odyssey, To Kill a Mockingbird, Paradise Lost, Gulliver' s Travels, Camp 42," to name a few. I also took English literature in college.


I was high school valedictorian and voted Teacher of the Year when I taught in public school. I have three years of college taking English and History along with philosophy and psychology, all which required extensive writing.



I am qualified to prepare students in reading, writing and grammar at the HS level which would apply to junior college. I am currently tutoring a student in writing with good success despite her learning disabilities in this area. I believe that I could help you.

Government & Politics



I have taken human and mammalian anatomy and physiology at both levels. It is one of my favorite courses next to genetics.



SAT Reading

I had a rigorous college/university program in liberal arts that included English Literature at the bachelor's level. Following that, my master's and doctoral programs in pre-med and education demanded the comprehension of complex reading material.

SAT Writing





ACT Reading

ACT English

ACT Science

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Study Skills

Besides having good study skills, I was taught a formal study a study skills method called SQR3. I use techniques such as making flash cards, numonics, rhymes, pictures, movies pertaining to literature and social studies, bold and italics word in text as examples. I feel that teaching study skills is as important as content.


I have my Bachelor's and Master's in Biology. In both degree programs I was required to take Zoology in which I obtained a grade of A and liked it very much. I still use field guides to identify mammals, sea life, birds, reptiles, amphibians, etc. for my own continuing knowledge. I live on Lake Ontario where animals of all types are varied and abundant.


I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Biology with a minor in Chemistry. In these degree programs,I was required to take a full semester of botany at the Bachelor's level and a semester of wild flowers with a thesis at the Master's level. I also use field manuals to plan my flower garden and identify trees growing in the woodlands around my house. Nu


I majored in Biology in my pre-med Bachelor's and Master's degree programs. I took 2 college semesters of genetics and discovered that it was my favorite area of biological study. I did my Bachelor's thesis on the hereditary influence on alcoholism in the Irish, having an alcoholic in every generation of my Irish family that I could trace. I received a grade of A+ for research and uniqueness of my thesis.

Microsoft Access

I personally use Microsoft Access to organize information such as my address book. I also use it to catalog household contents and valuables for insurance purposes. Access is easy to teach, learn and use. I like creating my own databases because I can design them the way I want.

Microsoft Outlook

I took 14 hours of training in Microsoft Office that included Microsoft Outlook. I used it for several years and am proficient in it. I now use several other email programs in addition to Outlook and can teach every commonly used email program.

Microsoft Windows

I have been a Microsoft Windows user since Windows came out in Android format. I currently use Windows 10 upgraded from Windows 7 and 8. I am proficient in all and have taught various versions to my friends whenever they buy new computers.


I have taught Regents Algebra 1, am teaching Regents Geometry now,as well as English Regents. I am currently successfully tutoring in all of these subjects now.

Social Studies

I have taught social studies in a self contained classroom in grades 4 - 9, which covered New York State and local history and colonial history to the present day. I took European history in high school and college. I enjoy history and geography and am currently reading Celtic and Irish history and am tracing my Irish genealogy as a hobby.

Microsoft Publisher

I was trained in the Microsoft Office suit and Publisher. I use Publisher monthly to make greeting cards, invitations, announcements and newsletters. I can use creative inserts like pictures, clip art and fonts. Publisher is my favorite tool for publications.


I just completed 16 hours of training to teach the preparation for the ASVAB of which the AFQT is a subset. I will be teaching an 8 hour course in the ASVAB in February 2017 at the Veterans Outreach Center. I am also qualified to teach SAT reading and vocabulary as well as math through Geometry which are more rigorous than the four core subtests of the ASVAB and make up the AFOQT.


In my schooling, I was required to learn the Palmer method of cursive handwriting through grade 8 after transitioning from printing in grade 3. I currently use this method in my personal writing and have excellent handwriting to this day. I have taught some students cursive handwriting at their parent's request because the majority of schools in my state have eliminated it.