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Naval Academy Grad for Math and Science Tutoring

As a math major, I provided tutoring to classmates in the full range of math subjects. Following graduation I put my math and physics to practical use in military aviation. For the last five years I have been instructing a range of aviation topics, including both classroom and hands-on contexts. All of this has involved instructing math and physics. I enjoy seeing a student grasp a new concept. I have found that every student learns differently. When an approach that works with one st... [more]

Algebra 1

I earned a B.S. in mathematics. Algebra 1 is foundational to all higher math. While tutoring algebra, I will pass on techniques and habit patterns that will be useful throughout your math studies.

Algebra 2

Algebra is fundamental to all follow-on mathematics. As a math major, I continued to apply algebra in other subjects throughout college. If I tutor you in algebra, I will also pass on techniques that will set you up for success in all higher math.


After taking calculus at both high school and college level, I continued to tutor calculus all the way through college. I have also taken the follow-on courses of differential equations, real analysis, and complex analysis, which often provide useful background to be able to explain calculus concepts. Some calculus courses include some of these advanced topics. I am experienced at explaining every aspect of calculus to students who are struggling.


While my major was math, not chemistry, there is a lot of math in chemistry. As such, I did well in chemistry at both high school and college level. I spent many hours helping my classmates with chemistry throughout college, so I have a good handle on explaining the complex concepts of chemistry in simple terms.


As a math major, geometry has been integral to everything I've done. I've also applied geometry in a variety of aviation applications, so I can connect with real world usage. If you are struggling with a concept, I can break it down into simpler concepts or show how the concept applies in a different context.


I was a math major, not a physics major, but physics is mostly applied mathematics. Throughout college, I helped classmates with physics, so I have experience explaining complex physics concepts in simple terms. I also have the calculus background to help those taking physics courses that include applied calculus. I look forward to helping you succeed in physics.




Believe it or not, trigonometry is really useful in the real world if you know how to use it. You'll use this in most of your other math courses as well as in practical applications if you learn it well enough. I have applied trigonometry throughout my college courses as well as in aviation, home renovation projects, and hobbies. I look forward to helping you succeed in trigonometry.


SAT Math

Differential Equations


Linear Algebra


ACT Math

Discrete Math

In addition to taking the Discrete Math course, I also took related courses in Abstract Algebra, Number Theory, Cryptology, and Combinatorics. This provides me additional depth on the range of topics in Discrete Math. As a senior project, I applied my number theory knowledge by researching, determining runtime, and formulating proofs of key principles for a factorization algorithm. As such, I specialize in number theory, but I look forward to helping you with all of the topics in Discrete Math.