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Experience Math and Science educator

Math and science are very hard subjects for many students. Students have to see the anatomy of a problem before they understand the material. A person cannot teach themselves math or science by reading the textbook. Unfortunately the school system is leaving most of the learning responsibility with the the student and it is very hard for students to get behind and not fully understand and retain what is given in work. I help students understand the material and also teach them to work ... [more]

Algebra 1

I have worked as a professional tutor at a learning center for over 8 years. I have extensive experience teaching algebra 1. My students have good results because I am knowledgeable and patient and present concepts in a way that people understand. I help students with concepts like exponents and linear algebra in a manner that helps them master new and often confusing concepts that are prevalent in algebra 1.

Algebra 2

American History



Calculus is hard because it requires a base knowledge and understanding of all the prior principles of algebra and trigonometry. I have tutored over 1000 hours of calculus and I am a resource to my students because of my mastery of the subject matter. I also understand where many students have common learning gaps in calculus and I can help students understand the subject matter even if they cant imagine ever getting through the course.


Chemistry is difficult because it has a lot of principles that are new to students and this new knowledge is not an extension of previous science courses. I have taught and tutored both chemistry and AP chemistry and can help students understand the subject matter. I enjoy chemistry and understand common areas where students have trouble in understanding. I can help students overcome the gaps and excel in chemistry.






Precalculus is continuation of algebra with important concepts like higher order polynomials and trigonometry. I have tutored over a 1000 hours of precalculus and my students have gone on to do well in calculus. My knowledge base will help students get beyond many of the learning gaps of precalculus and truly understand the material.




SAT Math

I am very experienced and have taught over 1000 hours on the math section of the SAT test. The actual SAT problems are not real high level but they are tricky and many students run out of time when they are taking the test. If a student preps and studies hard, it is not uncommon for students to increase their score by 30 to 50 points. I have seen a few students score below 600 when they start prepping and when they take the final test they get above a 700. A students ability and how hard they work prepping will determine how well they do on the test. I can help the student maximize their ability to do well. I can teach knowledge base, time strategies, and ways to approach problems.



I have helped many people talking tests like the GED. I worked for a national tutoring center and I can help you pass the GED. If you are willing to work hard you can do well. We can work from a GED study guide and see what you need to improve.

Physical Science






ACT Math

I have taught over 1000 hours of the ACT test prep at a major Eastside Learning Center. Many students increase their score 5 to 9 points and I have had some students start out at 18 and score in the 30's. I have a very good background in math and I am a very patient and knowledgeable teacher.

Elementary Math

Elementary Science

Differential Equations

As part of my electrical engineering degree, I took 5 quarters of differential equations and I have recently taught differential equations. Differential equations are used extensively in engineering so my exposure to this type of math is substantial. My knowledge is very good in this subject matter and students will benefit when I am tutoring them in this and other higher level math subjects.

Electrical Engineering

I have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Electrical Engineering. I have an extensive knowledge of the subject matter because it is my area of study.