David B.

David B.


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Dr. David: Specialist in Dissertation, Capstone Stats SPSS STATA

************************************************************************************* 2018 Successfully guided to completion: 27 Capstone students, 18 Masters Students and 6 Ph.D. Students ... [more]


I have wide practical and theoretical experience with statistics and research. I have taught statistics in different disciplines, behavioral sciences, biostatistics and business statistics. I am an expert with SPSS, and STATA. I reduce complex statistical concepts to manageable bites so students understand.


Along the path to my Ph.D. I took courses in English. I have experience with APA and Chicago styles. Additionally, I have worked as a writer for different online companies. Finally, as a supervisor and examiner of Master's students, I regularly edit and assess theses. I have a superior command of English.



I wrote for several online agencies. Additionally, I worked with a company that edited and proofread theses. As an assistant professor I have also edited and examined scores of theses. I am focused and have a laser like focus on accuracy.


I have a passion for statistics and data analysis using SPSS. This is a software I have mastered and enjoy sharing this competence with new users. I am a lifelong learner and I keep working with this software to improve my personal skills and explanatory ability. When you choose me you get an experienced, accomplished and polished tutor.

SAT Reading

I have tutored scores of students to outstanding scores in SAT reading. Additionally, as a professor I have 10+ years guiding dissertations and examining student performance. I guide students based on the best approaches to improve student performance.

ACT Reading

I have spent several years honing my skills as a reading coach. Initially mastering literature and using that competence to aid my students. I work well with students attempting to be successful in this area.

ACT English

I have exceptional proficiency in English. And enjoy providing learners with a seamless introduction the to fundamentals of the language. I have spent 5+ years working with, and guiding students to ACT success.

ACT Math

Let's start here; I received a perfect score on the ACT Math examination. Additionally, as an assistant professor I have extensive knowledge in working with students to ensure that they easily learn key concepts. My approach is a fusion of unparalleled experience and peerless skill

Study Skills

I have 10+ years working with students at different academic levels. Additionally, I have supervised graduate students and worked with them to develop their personal study programs. Their personal study programs ensured that they completed the coursework and thesis aspects of their degree program on time. Over time I have improved on these techniques and developed my unique approach to study S.H.A.P.E.


I have taught anthropology for four years at the undergraduate level. The course covers introductory concepts in cultural anthropology. I have also developed an online version of the course for the university.


I have Ph.D. in sociology. Additionally, I have taught in the discipline at the undergraduate and graduate levels at university for the past 7 years. I have also successfully supervised master's students in the discipline to the successful completion of their thesis.


I have taught statistics for the past 10 years at the graduate and undergraduate level, using STATA coding is part of the process. I also guide students in the use of STATA for data analysis in their dissertations. Additionally, I use STATA to analyze data for private clients engaging in market research and product testing. Over time I have acquired exceptional skill and proficiency in the use of STATA,