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Math Tutor Who Loves To Hear: "Oh, Wow! Now I Get It."

I am passionate about teaching math to students of all levels and ages. I have been tutoring privately for seven years, and enjoy working with every single one of my students, regardless of their abilities. My goal has always been to ?demystify? math so that each of my students can learn to love (yes, LOVE) math and feel good about themselves and their abilities. I have experience ? and success - working with top students who are applying to highly competitive colleges , as well as students... [more]

Algebra 1

I am a CT licensed teacher, and have been tutoring math for the past several years. Based on my extensive experience tutoring students, I believe that algebra does not have to be hard or frustrating, and in fact can actually be fun. I have found that students struggle either because their teachers go too fast, or do not explain the material in the way that makes sense for the student. Some teachers just go to quickly for students., and students can fall behind easily. I have a lot of experience teaching algebra, and I work at whatever pace my students need to be sure that they master the material and are comfortable with the topic before moving on to a new topic. I believe that a strong foundation in algebra is critical to doing well in algebra 2, and the SAT and ACTs.

Algebra 2

I have several years of teaching Algebra 2 to students with a variety of skill sets. I have been able to build confidence in students who struggle with content, as well as challenge students who are stronger, so every student can excel.


I love teaching prealgebra since it introduces lots of new and exciting concepts in math that are the foundation for the rest of middle school and high school math. I have had extensive experience teaching prealgebra to students who are not confident in their abilities, or who need review of basic content. After a few sessions with these students, I can see them smile and actually look forward to doing math problems. I also have had lots of experience reviewing pre algebra with very bright and motivated students who want to stay ahead of their class so that they can take Honors math the following year.


I love teaching GED math, and have been tutoring women in GED math at the Mercy Learning Center in Bridgeport for the past 5 years. Unlike other math test, many of the GED questions can be tricky because of the word problems, and charts, and I am very experienced helping students improve and pass the GED section of the test. My approach is to review the content of the test , and then to work on practice problems to build confidence in my students.

Elementary Math

I love to teach elementary math because I think it's really important that all students feel confident with math early in their education, and I love to be creative with how I teach math. My students have often told me that their teacher never explained something to them (or the student just didn't understand what the teacher was saying, and the student was either too shy or embarrassed to ask for help). I often hear my students say that they are "not good at math," or that they feel "stupid", but I think that everyone can be good at math once it is presented in a way that makes sense for each student. It is my job to find creative ways to make math exciting and enjoyable for every student, especially since mastering math is so important for higher level learning and thinking.