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Luke R.


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A Christian young man who is kind, honest and willing to help.

As seen in my profile headline, I am a Christian young man who loves the Lord and my goal is to develop a closer relationship with my Father daily. I am a kind and honest person who finds joy in helping others. My mother always tells others that I am the kind of person who will never abandon anyone. In preparation for my high school graduation, I was required to complete twenty (20) community service hours. I selected serving meals at the Good Samaritan Inn to low-income families and tutorin... [more]

Algebra 1

In elementary school, I was always doing very well in my pre-algebra and algebra courses. When I entered into middle school, I was placed in a special class called an "Algebra Honors" class, which is a higher form of education that students are put in who are recognized for high academic achievement. For every progress report, I maintained a 100, and over, percent average in the course. During the times I exceeded a 100% average, extra credit was issued, which I still participated in.

Algebra 2

Pre-algebra was the subject taught at Grade 7, however because of my recommendations, I was placed in a class higher, which was Algebra I. Therefore, in Grade 8, when the subject taught at that level was Algebra I, I was taught Algebra II. I was always recommended by my teachers to be put in a higher math class so as to challenge me.


Microsoft Excel

My dad first taught me how to use Microsoft Excel when I was 10 years old, therefore I have been using Excel for over 8 years. I was among the top 3 students who received the highest grade in a class called Information Technology, which is a computer related class, during the Microsoft Excel topic. During my free times, I will use Excel for school related business or recreational activities. When teaching others how to use Excel, I usually go for a "hands-on" approach, where I make the students interact with the program as I teach them so they can physically see what is going on during the lesson.


Geometry was one of the most common topics being taught in elementary school math. While the other students used simple two-dimensional polygons, I was given intricate, three-dimensional polygons, to study on. In group participations, I participated the most and I would usually be the first to finish any problem or test they issued, still while scoring high.


In elementary school, I performed very well compared to my peers in the current level math being taught. As a result, my teachers recommended me to sit at a higher form of math (pre-algebra) at my age. I offered to help my fellow classmates who did not fully understand the material through easy-to-follow tutoring and confidence building exercises that allowed them to perform better.


In high school, I received the award for the highest academic performance in trigonometry. I was also recommended by the teacher to assist the students during class time when they were uncertain as to how to approach a problem. This resulted in more students, in my class, passing their trigonometry exams.

Elementary Math

I was always recommended from my elementary school teachers on how well I did math. Sometimes, when the other students were given age-related math problems, I was given higher-aged problems, because I understood math so well at my age. I was also given higher education math exams, as something to do outside of elementary school.