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Latin and Greek scholar will be your guide to the ancient world

I first landed in a Latin class by accident in the eighth grade, but soon got bit by the bug and stayed. I earned a BA in Latin and Greek at the Catholic University of America, where I was member and officer in Eta Sigma Phi (Classics honor society), graduated magna cum laude, was inducted into both Phi Eta Sigma (honor society for freshmen) and Phi Beta Kappa, and received the Halton Latin prize as a Sophomore, as well as the Siefert prize for Latin and the Peebles prize for Greek at graduat... [more]




If you would like to be able to read ancient Greek, anything from Homer to the Book of Revelation, I can help you. I have degrees in ancient Greek from the Catholic University of America, where I wrote my thesis on Herodotus, Plutarch and Bacchylides, and from Fordham University, where I read Greek even from sheets of papyrus and sought to write a dissertation on Thucydides. While doing graduate work at Fordham I taught Greek on the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, and led students through texts as diverse as the Acts of the Apostles and the Funeral Oration of Pericles. My approach to teaching is multifaceted. We will learn Greek through some active speaking, some long readings, some parsing of short sentences, some work in the the nuts and bolts of grammar, some recitation of forms, and some vocabulary with flashcards. We will try things in different measures and mixtures until I find the combination that seems best suited to your needs. Under my care you will work hard, but I will be your companion along the way, lightening the load with useful tips and good humor. And by the end you will have gone farther than you ever thought yourself capable.


If you would like to study the ideas and cultures of the ancient Greeks and Romans, or how they came together to form the common patrimony of Western civilization, I can help you. I have degrees in the Latin and Greek languages from the Catholic University of America and Fordham University, and have also reached the dissertation stage of a PhD in classical philology. Language and culture go together--they are distinct, but not separated--for if you know how a people's language works you have a blueprint or a roadmap of how they thought about things. My studies included courses in Greek and Roman Art and Architecture, Ancient History, mythology, palaeography and papyrology. I also spent an enjoyable semester abroad in Rome seeing up close the things I had before seen only in books and pictures, and twice while doing my graduate work at Fordham taught undergraduate courses that read the great epics and tragedies in translation. In a word, I have been steeped in the history and the imagination of the foundational peoples of the Western world. My friends often find they have an impromptu tourguide when they visit places or exhibits on the ancient world with me. I can be your tour guide also, pointing out to you the important features and themes of the classical world and helping you to see their continued influence and resonance in our own world.