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Milena T.


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Professional and Patient Finance, English, and Music Tutor

I know that by the time a student or professional is reaching out to me they could be feeling frustrated with the subject matter they are learning. I understand the pitfalls students face and I always try to find different ways to explain something if a student isn't understanding. I have been a professional educator for over 17 years with a very diverse skill set. I am a lifelong learner proficient in and capable of teaching the following subjects with deep expertise: finance, vocal music,... [more]



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I originally double majored in English and Music during my undergraduate studies, and I was raised by an English teacher who was fond of correcting my grammar, essays, and other written and oral communications for the majority of my life. In short, I grew up with a 24 hour-a-day English tutor, so I have learned some wonderful tricks of the trade! A majority of my professional work has required me utilize the English language in a variety of forms: business communications, writing research proposals, summaries, press releases, as well as marketing and educational materials. Personally, I have written extensively as a blogger and write for my own personal enjoyment as well.



I hold a Master of Science in Finance with Specialization Equivalent in Economics. I have worked in the retail finance sector for one of Barron's Magazine's "Top Brokers in America", as well as been an associate professor and researcher of finance and economics teaching Corporate Financial Management and conducting behavioral finance research.



I work with students and business people from all over the world who are learning to improve their English skills as a second language. I focus on a functional approach: using vocabulary and situations familiar to each student. We practice reading, listening, speaking, and writing to ensure a well-rounded approach and to prepare for any standardized tests the student might need to take for work or school purposes.


I served as an assistant teacher for both Macroeconomics 201 and Macroeconomics 202 at Walsh College in Troy, MI.


I served as an assistant teacher for both Macroeconomics 201 and Macroeconomics 202 at Walsh College in Troy, MI.

Voice (Music)

I am a graduate of the University of Michigan School of Music, Theatre, and Dance, with a degree in vocal performance. I have been a professional singer and voice teacher for over 15 years maintaining a studio in Southeastern MI. I have served as an alto section leader and soloist in Kirk in the Hills and First Presbyterian Church of Royal Oak Chancel Choirs. I have also worked in voice over in the area locally and online as a freelancer.


I am an HSK 3 Level Mandarin speaker. My strengths are my ability to speak tones correctly, as my background in vocal performance has allowed me to learn the accent and tonality of the Chinese language correctly.


I hold a Master of Science in Finance from Walsh College of Business and Accountancy. My coursework was directly related to many topics in business: finance, economics, accounting, entrepreneurship, investments. I have also worked professionally at a Fortune 500 company as a registered investment advisor, as well as been self-employed small business owner for over 15 years.


I hold a bachelor's degree in vocal performance from the University of Michigan and have detailed knowledge about how the voice produces sound correctly, how to diagnose and correct vocal faults stemming from misuse, improper articulation, or when speaking with an accent. For over 15 years I have taught speaking, singing, and acting skills to students and professionals such as opera and musical theater singers, new anchors, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and business people. I currently work with students to improve their speaking skills by pronouncing words more clearly, expanding vocabulary, and how to reduce their accent if they are speaking English as a second language.


I have been a private teacher in a variety of subjects for over 15 years. I hold degrees in vocal performance from the University of Michigan, a Master of Science in Finance from Walsh College, an Early Childhood Education certificate diploma from the North American Montessori Center. I have worked with children as young as 2.5 years old in preschool through to adults in graduate degree programs. I have taught all of the following subjects: general music, vocal performance, ESL, beginning Mandarin Chinese, speech and acting, basic math, finance, economics, reading and writing skills, as well as home economics subjects such as crocheting, knitting, and artisanal bread-making. I fully support homeschooling families in their endeavors no matter the reason they choose to homeschool and I have even homeschooled my own children for a period of time while we traveled and lived abroad, and now work part-time in their school as a Montessori teacher as well as tutoring extensively in all subject areas.