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Shannon S.


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Recent graduate with a passion for solving problems

I recently graduated from the University of Houston with my Bachelor's of Science degree in May 2016. I have a strong passion for math and science and I feel I would be able to pass on valuable study skills to students. I know that math is a difficult subject for many students, but I find it an enjoyable one. I would like to help students feel the same by increasing enthusiasm in problem solving, offering alternate routes to the same conclusions. To tell you a bit more about me: I excelled ... [more]

Algebra 1

I aced college algebra and have experience tutoring students in algebra 1. I understand that algebra is a difficult subject for many students, but it doesn't have to be! With an analytical approach, I can help your student to feel more confident in his or her algebraic skills.

Algebra 2

I excelled in honors Algebra 2 and received an A in college level algebra. I have experience in tutoring math with the use of graphing calculators. I find it is useful to draw graphs and write down every step of a problem in order for students to reach an understanding of the answer.



I received a minor in chemistry, taking advanced courses like organic chemistry I and II, quantitative analysis, and biochemistry. All of these courses are reinforced by an understanding of basic chemistry. I have a strong mathematical background as well as a Bachelors of Science degree in Biological and Physical Sciences.





In tutoring pre-algebra, I strive to help students create a solid foundation for future math subjects. I teach students to work problems out completely on paper in order to understand the answers. I have succeeded in algebra at the college level and wish to help others excel too.



I am a recent college graduate with advanced literature credits. From me, a successful reading and comprehension tutoring session will require my careful guidance in order to decrease frustration with the subject.





As a certified Emergency Medical Technician, I have a vast understanding of human anatomy and physiology. In my biological and physical sciences major, I received all A's in my anatomy coursework. In my tutoring experience for anatomy, I find it beneficial to use a variety of study methods, including flash cards, Latin root word study, and labeling blank diagrams.


SAT Math




Physical Science

I majored in biological and physical sciences in college at the University of Houston. This allowed me to study biology, chemistry, physics, and geology.





I was a regional spelling bee contestant at my school for five years, collecting several 1st place and other awards. I am skilled in writing and proofreading, which allows me to have a keen eye for spelling errors.

ACT English

ACT Math

I have experience in tutoring students for the ACT Math exam. The ACT tests a variety of mathematical concepts and I provide extensive practice as a way to conquer a variety of question types.

ACT Science

Elementary Math

I have experience tutoring elementary students in math and possess a strong academic background. My interest for mathematics and patience with students creates the perfect combination for tutoring young pupils struggling with the subject. Elementary math creates a foundation for math needed for more difficult scientific and mathematics subjects.

Elementary Science

Study Skills

As a college student taking 27 credits in my final semester, I developed a system of organization to take command of all my classes. I believe in a system of writing down goals in order to stay on track. It is important to break large assignments down into several smaller goals. I can help other students to improve their study skills by helping them get organized and understand what requirements should be completed each day.

College Counseling

I am a recent college graduate. I transferred a couple times between universities until I found the right fit. I have become familiar with the college admission procedure. Also, I can relate to high school students in their uncertainty for the future and can offer evidence-supported guidance for the best possible decision.

Organic Chemistry

I majored in Biological and Physical Sciences, allowing me to also receive a minor in Chemistry. Therefore, I took 10 credit hours in organic chemistry with labs. Understanding organic chemistry at a collegiate level will help me to tutor students who are new to the subject. I have a set of bonding atomic models to show students the structure of molecules and their stereochemistry. I have participated in several collegiate level study sessions.