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MS from the Colorado School of Mines for Math and Science Tutoring

I've enjoyed teaching for as long as I can remember. There are few things more rewarding than sharing the "eureka" moment with someone who had given up on understanding. Too often, people see their own lack of understanding as a lack of intelligence. In my experience, it usually means that the teacher explains in a way that doesn't make sense to the student or the student can't see a reason to care about the subject. I've dealt with both of those problems in my own early education. I was ho... [more]

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I'm currently tutoring a student from Mines in physics 2 (E&M), a student from DU in physics 1(mechanics), and a high school senior in IB physics. Offhand, I don't know how AP physics differs from IB, but I'm sure it will be somewhere in the spectrum of my current students.

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Differential Equations

I earned A's in Ordinary Differential Equations, Applied Mathematics in Chemical Engineering (analytical solutions to partial differential equations) and Numerical Methods in Chemical Engineering (numerical solutions to partial differential equations). I've tutored classmates in the latter two.

Organic Chemistry

I earned A's in organic chemistry 1 and 2. I occasionally ran study sessions for my fraternity in order to prepare them for O-Chem tests. Lastly, I used the gas-phase applications of O-Chem a great deal in my graduate research.

Visual Basic

I'v taken a class focused of using VBA to numerically solve partial differential equations. Afterward, I'v used it to write hundreds of custom equations and subroutines in Microsoft Excel. Most of them were for use in my graduate research.

Chemical Engineering

I've earned a B.S and an M.S in Chemical engineering from the Colorado School of Mines. I've been asked for help by classmates and fraternity brothers regularly throughout my education and have never been unable to help in an area related to chemical engineering. Lastly, I managed to finish the Mines research qualifying exam with a perfect score.