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Education and Experience: I have my Bachelor's Degree in Economics from the University of Utah, and my Graduate in Applied Behavior Analysis from The Florida Institute of Technology. For over 10 years now, I have been tutoring full-time through my own private tutoring business. Prior to being a tutor I worked as a Behavior Specialist and was responsible for along with the Director, designing, developing, and implementing our companies very first After School Autism Program or AS... [more]

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I have tutored many clients in several different college Writing/English courses. Additionally, I have helped tutor clients at the high school level. I actually first tutored students in English back when I was in college. My professor from my previous English course offered to give me an A if instead of doing the writing assignments I just helped other students improve their writing skills.




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Elementary (K-6th)

I have been tutoring elementary students for over 8 years. I have tutored many clients in elementary math from the 1st grade through the 6th. I have tutored clients in the 2nd though 6th grade in elementary sciences. Additionally, I have tutored clients in grades 1st through 6th in either one or more of the following subjects at the same time: reading, grammar, spelling, and vocabulary. I am certified to tutor elementary math, elementary science, grammar, reading, spelling, and vocabulary. Additionally, I have volunteered at my children's elementary school on numerous occasions where I assisted both kindergarten and 1st grade students in both math and reading. I have also tutored many elementary students to help improve their study skills, organizational skills, and executive function skills. I feel I am able to build an extremely great rapport with students of all ages, and pride myself in being an extremely patient tutor, who enjoys helping students improve their academic performance in any and all of the above mentioned subjects. Finally, my goal is to do so in a manner that will benefit them both now, as well as throughout the rest of their schooling, while at the same time improving their confidence in their own academic abilities.

Study Skills

During my 8+ years as a full-time tutor, about 3/4 of my clients have met with me either exclusively for working on study skills, or for help in a specific subject along with working on their study skills. I have found that for many of the clients I have met with, study skills, organizational skills, help with executive functioning skills, etc. are the most important areas I am able to help them with. I realize that I can always help someone learn enough to pass their class or courses during a given semester. However, I feel it is much more important that I give them the tools they need to help them stay organized and on top of their school work, as well as how to navigate through the remainder of their schooling.


More than half of the students I have tutored over the past 8 years have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. I have extensive experience working with clients on executive function and organizational skills as it pertains to their schooling and to other life skills. I also have a considerable amount of knowledge and experience working with getting students the neccessary disability resource accomadations they may need such as extra time taking tests with minimal distractions. My graduate degree is also in applied behavioral analysis,and I worked as a behavioral specialist with many clients who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD. Currently, I am working with 6 different individuals that have been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I worked with individuals with Autism for over 13 years. I was a behavioral specialist for most of this time. I have my graduate degree on applied behavioral analysis. I was responsible along with the director for setting up an after school program for individuals with Autism. I worked there for several years and it is still in existence today. I also worked with individuals with Autism and the professional parents whom they lived with. I set up behavior plans for them that often included plans involving their schooling and homework and would help implement these plans. Finally, about 20% of the individuals I currently tutor fall somewhere on the Autism spectrum.

Series 7

I have personally taken the Series 7 exam and passed with a 97% which is fairly high considering one must get a 72% to pass and the average passing score is generally around 74%. (This % only includes those who scored above a 72%.) Additionally I worked as a financial adviser for several years, and helped nearly all new agents prepare for the Series 7 exam. As a private tutor I have tutored numerous clients preparing for this exam with tremendous success. I will also soon begin tutoring those preparing to take the SIE and the new Series 7 exam that will be in effect in October 2018.


I have tutored 100's of clients that were either preparing to take the Accuplacer the 1st time, or wanted to improve their score. I know about as much as you can about this test as one possibly can, and I have helped countless clients, quickly improve their scores, saving them large amounts of time and money. Most new students don't understand how valuable this test can be and how easily you can improve your score. I have found the best study materials over the years, and have helped with clients at all levels improve their scores in a very short amount of time. I use many actual questions from previous tests, quickly analyze areas you can improve in and developed a strategy for exactly what we will focus on to improve your score my the most amount in the shortest amount of time. Very often my clients will end up being placed in a math course above what their ACT scores would allow them to take, and many are able to test out of every math course they were going to have to take.