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Cynthia H.


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Excel in Natural, Social, and Health Sciences, Statistics, and Math

A love of learning drives my love for teaching! My teaching style focuses on being a facilitator, mentor, coach, and guide to stimulate an interactive learning environment. For a successful learning experience, the learner needs to be an active participant with the teacher providing instruction, guidance, and support. I strive to promote a positive learning experience, build rapport, stimulate learner enthusiasm, and achieve academic goals. This approach has shown to be effective in increa... [more]

Algebra 1


I have 20+ years of Biology tutoring experience for middle school, high school, and college students. I have tutored High School Honors and AP Biology and a variety of biology courses at the college level. Specific courses include general biology, cell biology, plant biology, molecular biology, genetics, evolutionary biology, and anatomy/physiology.


I have tutored middle school, high school, and college students in organic and inorganic chemistry for over 20 years. Students tend to be apprehensive about taking chemistry because it involves math. I adapt my teaching style to complement the student's learning style. Interactive learning by performing calculations step-by-step helps the student understand and gain confidence to complete on their own.


Learning the concepts and fundamentals of Prealgebra sets the foundation for learning Algebra. Math is a subject that requires mastering concepts prior to moving forward because it is a subject that is progressive. I have an interactive approach to teaching that makes it fun while showing real life application.


I have undergraduate and graduate level tutoring experience. I have been tutoring and conducting statistical research for 10+ years. My teaching method is a step by step approach to ensure that the student understands the concepts and calculations prior to moving on to the next concept. My goal is to simplify and take the mystery out of statistics.


I have a B.S. in Psychology and have completed graduate work in Health, Clinical, and Cognitive Psychology. I have 20+ years of experience tutoring high school, undergraduate, and graduate students in various psychology disciplines and courses. I have a well-rounded background that allows me to teach all aspects of psychology.


My academic and tutoring experiences have concentrated on the natural and social sciences. My experience in Health Psychology has focused on the connections between mind and body requiring knowledge about human anatomy. Students tend to be apprehensive about learning anatomy but I try to take the mystery out of learning anatomy by using a comprehensive step-by-step approach.


I have 10+ years of experience in SPSS use and tutoring at the undergraduate and graduate level. I am proficient in performing all types of tests using SPSS and interpreting output. I have been active in my own research and assisting other researchers using SPSS to validate research findings for journal articles.

Elementary (K-6th)

I have tutored reading, English, math, and natural science to elementary school students over the last five years. I use an interactive teaching style that I adapt to the student's learning style. I provide an approach that keeps the student engaged in learning while enjoying the learning experience. I teach concepts and reading comprehension along with study skills to allow them to gain independence and to build confidence.

Study Skills

I will be earning my MS in Psychology in the Spring and throughout my academic career I have taken 15-18 credit hours per semester. I have tutored study and organizational skills over the last 5 years. I am currently tutoring high school and college students in improving their study skills to better their grades and use their time more efficiently. I show them study skills that cater to their individual learning style. My students in a very short time have elevated their grades through better test preparation and turning in assignments on time.


I have 5 years of successful experience in preparing students for the ISEE. I have tutored students preparing for the primary, lower level, middle level, and upper level tests. My approach is to administer diagnostic tests to determine areas that need to be focused on when preparing lesson plans. Reviewing concepts and retesting is important to evaluate progress to ensure a successful outcome.


I have the educational background and tutoring experience to teach Sociology. Undergraduate coursework included Introduction of Sociology, Social Change, Women & Health, Gender & Society, and Sociology of Marriage & Family. I have tutored Introduction of Sociology, Social Change, and Gender & Society.


Nutrition is a subject that I have the educational background and tutoring experience to teach. I earned an A in Principles of Human Nutrition and Healthful Living. I have tutored Introduction to Nutrition, Introduction to Evidence Based Practice, Nutrition and Health Communication, Development of Healthy Cuisine, and Eating for Lifelong Health.


I have 20+ years of experience in homeschooling students from prekindergarten through high school. I have created my own lesson plans or used outside resources depending upon the student's situation to ensure that they are learning all age-related concepts. My teaching style is structured but flexible by encouraging students to explore.