Rony K.

Rony K.


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Patient Math & CS Tutor

Hello! I'm Rony. I came to the Bay Area around two years ago to work for Apple. Before that I went to college in New York, high school in Miami, and spent the first seven years of my life in Ecuador. I've always loved explaining concepts to others. One of my earliest memories is teaching my younger brother history and geography when he was a toddler. He's now about to graduate college, so that first lesson turned out well! I co-taught a small, interactive computer science workshop in college... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

I received an A in Algebra 2 and 780 in the SAT subject test.

General Computer





Elementary Math

I received a 1590 on my Math SAT and a 1580 on the Math SAT 2. I've helped teach elementary Math at a Nepali Montessori school and have taken various advanced Math classes as part of the engineering curriculum at Cornell University


I have 3+ years of experience with PHP from building personal web pages to enterprise applications. I've learned PHP/MYSQL on my own, and have written 5,000+ lines of PHP for various college courses and company projects.


I have 3+ years of professional experience using javascript as well as 2+ years of non-professional experience. In particular, I've used jquery and the d3 framework extensively to create beautiful visualizations and UIs. Since Javascript is a great introductory language to showcase how powerful coding can be, I'd like to help others master it.


I've used jQuery making applications for various companies in the past 5 years including on the largest tech corporations in the world. I love jQuery's power and would be happy to help students harness it themselves. I earned a Computer Science degree from Cornell University.