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PhD BioChem, Tutor for AP Chem, SAT Chem, Maths, Biology

I am a teacher of Chemistry at The Princeton Review. I hold a PhD in Bio-Chemistry and have authored 8 research papers and 1 book chapter in international journals and books. I believe that there is no substitute to hard work and I like to implement that in my tutoring methodology. I like to do a thorough follow up with my students and expect the same input from them. Apart from scientific research, I believe teaching is one the most rewarding ways in which I could impart the knowledge, I sp... [more]

Algebra 1

I studied Mathematics for two years in college as a honors subject. I have been teaching math for the past two years to students ranging from elementary to high school.

Algebra 2



I hold a B.S. degree in Chemistry honors. After that I pursued an MS in Chemistry with Organic Chemistry as the major. I have subsequently taught chemistry to high school and undergraduate students. I currently work as a general chemistry instructor with The Princeton Review.



I have studied honors mathematics at college level. I have been tutoring high School level mathematics for past 5-6years.



I hold a PhD in Biochemistry. My doctoral studies were based on the Biochemical characterization of human placental extract with respect to its wound healing potential. I successfully authored few publications based on this research. Also during my graduate research, I taught Biotechniques and Biochemistry to M.S students.


ACT Science

Elementary Math

I studied Maths as an honors subject for two years in my undergrad.

Elementary Science


I have studied chemistry and biology both at Doctorate level. MCAT is a comprehensive examination involving chemistry, biochemistry, biology. Also, I am an MCAT instructor of general chemistry at The Princeton review.

Organic Chemistry

I hold a B.S. degree in Chemistry after which I pursued an M.S. in Organic Chemistry. In the past I have privately tutored chemistry. I believe in continuous assessment of student's knowledge by weekly tests. Organic chemistry is best understood by written practice of reaction mechanisms.