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Experienced & Knowledgeable Math Tutor - UGA Grad

Hello! I am a (somewhat recent) graduate from the University of Georgia with a B.S. in Mathematics currently working in the financial sector. While in my undergraduate, I became aware that office hours were a necessity with certain subject areas. You see, while class was sufficient to cover the required teaching material, there was simply enough time to ensure that every student was retaining the information the way they should. Much in the same fashion, I believe that having the extra time t... [more]

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Elementary Math



Elementary (K-6th)

I have been tutoring for 7 years now, I would venture to guess that a quarter of these individuals have been in the elementary school age range. I am very familiar and always up to date with the common core. I am very experienced with helping elementary students with all subjects, there is not a subject area I have yet to be successful in tutoring.

Discrete Math

During my time at UGA 90% of the classes I took revolved around the fundamental understanding of how to write proofs. Discrete Math is the introduction to this idea, the logic behind writing proofs, and methods of how to go about achieving this. I feel as though I am qualified to tutor this subject for these reasons.

Linear Algebra

I have taken many classes while at UGA (including a linear algebra course) that require a vast knowledge of linear algebra. Most notably I have taken and tutored a course that studies the vector calculus over manifolds and the linear equations that describe them. I believe this would more than qualify me to hold a basic linear algebra certification.


I took two logic courses while at UGA in the Philosophy department. These seemed to coincide with the proof classes in the Math department. Since almost every Math class revolves around how to write proofs, and the "logic" behind how to formulate them, I feel as though I have enough qualifications to tutor this subject. Additionally, each logic class I took I achieved an "A" overall grade.

Finite Math

I have been tutoring for over 6 years, hold a degree in Mathematics, and have helped numerous individuals with Finite Math.

Common Core

Over the past 7 years I have helped a broad range of student in their common core needs. No matter the subject, I was able to help them by utilizing the common core standards readily available online. I have extensive experience with supplementing a students needs in the common core curriculum.