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Highly-Qualifed and Engaging: Writing, English, Biology and Chemistry

Welcome Prospective Students and Parents!! I have 1000+ hours of experience tutoring English, writing, and reading and a 600+ hours tutoring general computers, biology, and chemistry. Overview: Over the course of the last few years, I have tutored grade, middle and high school students in writing, language, biology, chemistry and college board exam preparation (SAT, AP). I have also worked with corporate employees on improving their expository writing and speaking skills. Additionally, I ha... [more]

American History

I studied American history as a high school student. I have experience tutoring students on a range of American history topics including the Seven Years War, the Revolutionary War, the War of 1812, Lincoln's speeches, the Civil War, yellow journalism, women's suffrage, the Great Depression, Prohibition, WWI, WWII, the Korean War, the Cold War and the Vietnam War.


I grew up in a scientific milieu. Both my parents were doctors. I started out premed in the beginning of my undergraduate career and performed very well in cell biology, microbiology, physiology and genetics. I have a strong interest with how our bodies work and the processes underlying human, animal, and plant lives.


I have years of experience tutoring K-12 and college students. In high school, I got a 5 on the Chemistry AP exam and performed well in General Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and Biochemistry in college. I am passionate about the subject.


I hold a Master's in English. I'm constantly being complimented on my own vocabulary. I've helped many students improve their vocabulary by introducing them to roots, cognates, prefixes, and suffixes so they can make educated guesses when they encounter words they don't know. I also facilitate learning vocabulary through reading comprehension and writing exercises.


I have a Master's in English and am extremely well-versed in grammar, usage, diction, not to mention rhetoric and style. I also can explain the logic behind many grammar rules.


I am a Francophile and learned French as a high school student and undergraduate. I grew up in the in New Orleans in a French milieu and have been hearing it for most of my life. I have a graduate level reading and intermediate speaking proficiency in the language. I currently am heavily engaged in French culture, language, literature, and cuisine. I thoroughly enjoy sharing my passions with others. Additionally, I have a background teaching language to foreign students.

General Computer

I am a former Microsoft employee and have extensive exposure and understanding of a range of computer applications and skills.

Microsoft Word

I am a former Microsoft employee. I have used various versions of Word for the last 25 years in roles such as a design specification writer, editor, and copywriter. I am a power user.


I have a Master's degree in English and have taught numerous students writing over the years. I enjoy inculcating a passion for the English language and empowering people with the tools to develop their own voice and express themselves persuasively and articulately.


I am a native English speaker. I have a Master's in English Language and Literature. I have taught undergraduates English composition and literature as a instructor at the university level. Over the years I have tutored a range of different people in reading, writing, and conversation--both native English speakers and non-native, from grade school students to adults. I also have a professional background in business process and design specification writing and writing copy for web content.


I am a native English speaker with a Master's in English. I have tutored numerous students--both native and non-native--from grade school through all levels of university and working professionals in ESOL.


I am a former Microsoft employee and currently work in information technology. HTML is an entry-level skill for any technical, web-related role in the IT industry. I have maintained and edited web pages for most of my career and am thus proficient in HTML.


I have a personal interest in psychology. I took several courses in psychology as an undergraduate. As a graduate student, I read Freud and Jung and applied psychoanalytic perspectives to the analysis of literature. To this day, I continue read on psychological topics--e.g. material on language acquisition, persuasion, motivation, focus and presence.


As an undergraduate, I majored in English literature with a focus on cultural studies and postcolonial literature. I also possess a Master's in English literature with an emphasis on American modernism. Currently I participate in the Seattle literary community via Hugo House, a non-profit whose mission is to educate people about literature and encourage people from all walks of life to read and write.

World History

I'm widely traveled. I grew up in a multicultural home. I've studied world history, art history, and world literature. I'm a voracious reader. I have extensive experience facilitating the writing of term papers on world history and literature topics outside of Wyzant.


I am a former Microsoft employee, a general techie and have extensive experience helping students with computers. I earned my MTS in SQL Server 2008 several years ago and have much experience writing stored procedures. ?I have a good grasp of relational databases. Currently I am familiarizing myself with SQL 2016 and PowerBI. Over the years I have tutored a rage of different people in general computer knowledge from how the internet works, emailing, word processing, video conferencing with Skype, Zoom, and GotoMeeting, etc. as well as specific skills including Microsoft Office software, relational databases, SQL, and javascript from high school students to adults. I also have a professional background in user experience design, business process and design specification writing and writing copy for web content.


I have a Master's degree in English. Additionally, I have 20+ years of experience proofreading, editing, and copywriting professionally.

SAT Reading

I have a Master's in English and understand the nuances of reading effectively in English. The SAT reading section poses significant challenges to students. I facilitate success in SAT reading comprehension by teaching test strategies, building vocabulary, imparting annotation tactics and having the student tackle difficult texts iteratively. I have a long history of tutoring students for college board tests.

SAT Writing

I have a lot of experience tutoring kids for the reading and writing sections of the SAT, ACT, and PSAT exams.

Art History

l have had a long history of exposure to many artistic traditions and have formally studied art history and Asian art in university as well as later on independently during my travels to Japan and Europe. I received perfect scores in my undergraduate art history survey courses at Duke. I am particularly interested in how different materials, media, and forms of expression create meaning, reveal / hide. I'm extraordinarily passionate about art and art history.

ACT English

I understand the nature of college board exams and the strategies and tactics required to excel at them.


I majored in Zoology as an undergraduate.


I am a garden consultant by profession and have a certification from Edmonds Community College in Ornamental Horticulture. I have been involved in botany and horticulture for 15+ years.


I took several classes in Genetics as an undergraduate. I enjoyed it tremendously. I grew up in a scientific milieu and had exposure to genetics, biology, chemistry, physiology, organic chemistry, biochemistry and microbiology. I was pre-med for the first 2.5 years of university. I have a passion for and an aptitude in tutoring the natural sciences.

Microsoft Outlook

I have been user of Microsoft Outlook for the last 20 years. I am a former Microsoft employee and am extraordinarily proficient in Outlook and most applications in the Office Suite.