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The Art of Language and the Language of Art

My goal as an educator is not only to help you learn a particular subject, but to help you learn to enjoy learning. As an instructor with a Bachelor's degree for high school teachers and an MFA in Theatre, I'm well-equipped to assist you with your reading, writing, comprehension, public speaking, and speech-related needs. I've accrued a fair bit of life experience over the years, but the preponderance of my work falls into three broad categories: education, grant-writing and theatrical pr... [more]

American History

I have cultivated a passion for history in my life since the time I was a teenager and began to study the American Civil War in depth. Through the lens of art history, I have become familiar with the larger trends of world history, including developments in science, government, and philosophy. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with my students, and encouraging their own encounters with the past.



European History

Music Theory


With a bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies (itself a pre-professional degree for high school teachers) and a Master's degree in Theatre, to say nothing of my decades of experience as a songwriter, playwright, author of fiction and non-fiction I believe I have acquired the skills to be of value to my pupils. Whether examining grammar, syntax, spelling, terms, etc, my experience in language arts has prepared me to address the various educational needs of your child. I will also provide proofreading and critical analysis for your child's long-form essays. And, if they'd like the feedback of a professional theatre artist on their creative writing, I always enjoy the process of developing new work and nurturing the next generation of writers!


My bachelor?s degree in Theatre Studies (itself a pre-professional degree for high school teachers), Master's degree in Theatre, to say nothing of my decades of experience as a songwriter, playwright, author of fiction and non-fiction, have equipped me to be of value to my pupils in the realm of language arts. Whether examining grammar, syntax, spelling, terminology, etc, my experience has prepared me to address the various educational needs of my students.

Government & Politics


Between seven years of higher education and 15 years of professional experience, I have read, analyzed, researched, and studied over 100 different dramatic works. One of the more valuable techniques I had the opportunity to learn during my time in college is a sort of close-reading through the lens of personal associations. Applied to theatre arts, it's a way to unlock the deeper meaning of a script with an eye towards making concrete production decisions. That's not the full use of its applicability, however, because it may be applied to any sort of text and, when contextualized through biographical information, often reveals something profound about the author's intent. Once a student understands how to analyze text with an ear for this sort of personal imagery, they become better-equipped to understand the communications of others, and empower a more authentic form of self-expression.

World History



Art History

The study of Art History is not altogether different from the study of any other sort of history - it requires intimate familiarity with the prevailing trends in society at large. Developments in the fields of science, government, and philosophy all play key roles in how we perceive our culture, and how we understand ourselves.

Art Theory


Beginning at age 13 and continuing to the present day, I have explored the power of my own self-expression through musical performance. From chords, to scales, to modes, I enjoy the process of working with my students to help them discover the power and joy of playing guitar. As a self-taught musician, I don't encourage sight-reading or advocate for classical guitar playing, but focus instead on practical skills in the blues, rock, and folk idioms. Whether you're a public performer, or just a home hobbyist, if you're looking for tips to improve your playing, I hope to help you unleash your inner guitar-god!


Beginning in high school and continuing through the present day, I have accrued over 25 years of experience at all levels of theatrical production and performance. In one capacity or another, I have worked on over 300 shows and continue as a playwright/producer to this very day. My expertise runs the gamut, but I particularly enjoy helping students to discover the joy of reading and appreciating Shakespeare, Moliere, the Greek classics, and the modern canon, such as Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller and Lorraine Hansberry, to name only a few.

Voice (Music)

I have written and performed original songs (as well as other people's material) since I was a child. My Master's Thesis constituted a new approach to singing as physical action. I work with students now in the public speaking sphere, and as part of that work, I teach them how to sing. The musical idiom is irrelevant - The principles of singing apply across all styles and musical genres.


Whether you are writing for the purpose of informing, persuading, or entertaining your audience, my years of experience in writing can help you to perfect your craft! With a bachelor's degree in Theatre Studies (a pre-professional degree for high school teachers) and a Master's degree in Theatre, I have participated in a variety of debate-style discussions, prepared a multitude of different research-based reports, and spoken publicly on a wide variety of topics, including history, the arts, and culture. Whether you are working in short or long-formats, I can help you to organize your thoughts effectively, with thesis, supporting statements and a strong conclusion. Friendly time trials will help you learn how to stay cool under pressure when it matters most. As your tutor in Speech, I will endeavor not only to help you work through the most effective forms of logic for your purposes, but also to understand how such a process can be fun and rewarding.


In addition to having familiarity with the classical repertoire in drama, I also know and enjoy teaching my students to appreciate classical non-dramatic literature as well, such as Homer, Chaucer, and Dante. I enjoy discovering with them the beauty of the classic American canon, such as Poe, O. Henry, Melville, Twain and Dickinson. Furthermore, I delight in working with my students to understand the modern classics, such as Orwell, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, Lee, and Hurston, plus many others. In addition to helping my students comprehend the unique way in which the author(s) utilizes figurative and vernacular language to communicate meaning, I also explore biographical information about them, as well as the historical and social context in which their work was produced. Depending on the student's academic level, we may also discuss how the work relates to modern and post-modern literary theory.

Music Production

I am a currently active sound/music artist self-producing original work in the San Francisco Bay Area, and am amply qualified to help folks on Wyzant with their music/audio production projects.