Bradyn C.

Bradyn C.


Boydton, VA 23917

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Violin, Piano, and Music Theory/History Teacher

I am a musician based in Boydton, Virginia. I teach violin and piano, but also enjoy helping students progress in their knowledge of music in general with topics such as music theory/composition and history. I have been playing music most of my life, starting with piano and eventually adding the violin as my other primary instrument. I have studied under a number of violin and piano teachers with varied teaching methods and have come to realize how valuable one-on-one instruction is for a stu... [more]

Music Theory

Ear Training

I'm qualified for teaching ear training for many reasons. The first is the fact that I've been studying music for most of my life and therefore have developed an ear for identifying various musical intervals and elements. Also, I am a violinist, and therefore have studied the realm of pitch on a very deep level. I have studied the various temperaments (Equal, Pythagorean, Just, etc.) and there uses. In addition to the study of intervalic relationships I have also studied how to internalize and memorize them, and developed sensitivity to their sound. I studied these various things with private teachers as well in college and now incorporate ear-training into my own private teaching

General Music

I have been studying music in general for about a decade, including music theory, music history composition, violin, piano, viola, and multiple other instruments (such as guitar, mandolin, and voice). I have studied a broad range of styles - including Baroque, Classical, Romantic, film music, Scottish fiddle, pop, rock, and bluegrass. I also have a bachelor's degree in Music from Thomas Edison State University. In addition to that, I have studied theory, composition, and counterpoint with the Berklee School of Music. Also, I have studied performance under a number of qualified teachers, including the violinist Joshua Ulrich. I have also taught these various subjects to a number of students - both privately and at music camps.


I have studied piano throughout my life under a number of various teachers. The bulk of my instruction took place in my teenage years under the tutelage of Tom Mann, a piano teacher based in Raleigh, North Carolina. Under him I studied the works of Chopin, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach, Debussy, Liszt, and multiple other composers. Our relationship over the course of my time as his student evolved into an almost collaborative experience in which we tried to get the bottom of musical and technical questions through in-depth discussion and experimentation. This experience gave me an enormously helpful foundation in Classical piano playing, from which I have jumped into a number of other styles, including pop, jazz, and film music. Throughout my years as a pianist I always explored pedagogical ideas that would help me and help others. The various teachers I studied under helped me greatly with this, along with my opportunities to teach others and perform for other people. I now teach piano privately in Boydton, VA and continue to explore the world of piano performance and pedagogy.


I have been playing the violin since I was a child, and have studied with a number of teachers. I also have studied part time with numerous other teachers both in the context of private lessons as well as in chamber music coachings - these other teachers include Xi Yang, Andrew Giordano, and Lacie Savage. I have played in a number of orchestras including the most recent Meredith Sinfonietta under the direction of conductor Dr. Jim Waddelow.