Judy E.

Judy E.


Greensboro, NC 27410

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Veteran teacher specializing in Life Science, Reading, and Common Core

I am a veteran teacher. I believe all students can achieve academic success. Learning should be relevant to a student's experiences, knowledge, and interests. Given a tailored approach that meets their learning style, any student can reach their full potential. My passion for education is fueled by each victory my students achieve. I have witnessed the benefits of scholastic success on a student's self-esteem, and higher confidence levels in other areas outside of the classroom. I... [more]


I have over 40 years teaching experience in the Life Sciences. My career concentration has centered on teaching Health and Science.


Students need to have a diverse word bank to draw from when reading and expressing ideas (written and verbal). With a master's degree in elementary education, I understand the necessity of developing strong vocabulary skills. This variety is a valuable tool when students are confronted with new ideas and experiences.


As a 40 year veteran teacher with a master's degree in elementary education, I understand that having a firm grasp of grammatical skills provides a foundation for reading comprehension and written expression. A student must have command of their language in order to share his/her opinions and ideas.


I have over 40 years of classroom teaching experience. I have worked with all types of learners. I feel positive that I can address the needs of your student and get him on the road to academic success.


As a 40 year teaching veteran, I believe students should be able to articulate themselves in written form, as strongly as they can in verbal form. Our modern world provides many platforms in which opinions can be shared in text. During my tenure as a classroom teacher, I taught my students that being able to compose ideas in a written form, will prepare them for the future ahead.


As a physical education and health teacher for 13 years, I have a firm understanding of the human body. Most students are first introduced to Anatomy in middle school. A firm foundation is essential for success in high school courses such as Health Occupations.

Elementary Math

I have a Masters degree in Elementary Education. Strong arithmetic skills are essential to prepare students for the complex math concepts in middle and high school. Each student has a unique learning style. Making the subject relevant is critical to overall understanding.

Elementary Science

I have 30+ years of teaching experience in the science classroom. The Scientific Method and project-based learning are widely used to increase student understanding. The Science Fair and lab experiments make the concepts relevant. A hands-on approach is the best way to help students understand the concepts that explain our natural world.