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Tanu S.


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UCLA Grad Specializing in Test Prep, English and Math!

I moved to New York in 2016 after a summer volunteering abroad as an ESL teacher and curriculum developer. Before that, I studied English and Linguistics at UCLA while helping other undergrads polish essays for lower and upper-division classes. I also taught fifth-graders creative writing and volunteered as a tutor for UCLA Housekeeping employees who wanted to gain confidence in their ability to speak English! Studying at UCLA was an incredibly rewarding experience that solidified my interest... [more]


I studied English at UCLA, so I'm very comfortable with the language, and I also built up a large vocabulary by reading ravenously as a child. I've managed to identify methods for learning more words quickly and figuring out the meanings of unfamiliar words, which I'm happy to share with you!


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I've been in love with reading since I was four, and I'm always eager to show people the fun in reading, even if they have to get through school-assigned books! I was an English major in college, so I know the pain of dissecting books that seem impossible to understand.



I was a member of the Undergraduate Astronomical Society at UCLA, and also took an Astronomy course that broadened my understanding of the universe. I have tutored students at Columbia University for Astronomy 1403: Earth, Moon, and Planets, and Astronomy 1753: Life in the Universe. I'm very comfortable with the math and physics involved for courses at the undergraduate level, and I love the moments when an explanation really clicks for my students.


I received a Bachelor of Arts in English from UCLA and also have editorial experience at publishing houses like Scholastic and Penguin Random House, where I became proficient in proofreading and copyediting. I gained experience in how writing should be revised and edited at the micro and macro levels. I also took creative writing workshops at UCLA to develop my writing style and my ability to critique other writing.


I became an ESL tutor at UCLA after taking a Linguistics course on teaching ESL effectively and found it a really rewarding experience! I also worked with students in India to develop an ESL curriculum for teachers to use in the future.

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I've been using Photoshop since I was in high school, and I'm familiar with its most powerful tools. My most ambitious project so far has been adding banners in the background of promo photos in a natural manner. I currently use Adobe Photoshop CS6.


(Verbal: 169, Quantitative: 164) I scored in the 99th percentile when I took the GRE (October 2015), and I have experience tutoring the Qualitative and Quantitative sections of the GRE. I teach the actual material that the test-makers want students to know as well as shortcuts and tricks based on your learning style.


SAT Reading

(SAT Reading score: 800) I majored in English, so I'm very familiar with techniques for analyzing literature and drawing conclusions. I also have strategies for enhancing vocabulary and making educated guesses.




I'm a native speaker of Hindi, having spent 14 years in the country. At UCLA, I took Hindi 4-6, which is the highest level of learning offered for the language, and received an A for all three sections. Besides the Linguistics courses I took for my major, I've also taken a Linguistics course in Methods in Language Learning which gave me a solid foundation to teach languages besides English, allowing me to approach language teaching as a linguist rather than just a native speaker.