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Patient tutor that focuses on the whole, not the problem

Hi there! Thanks for checking out my profile! Let me tell you a little bit about myself: I am currently finishing a degree with a focus on high school education (more specifically high school math, but I work in other areas as well). I work with children and adults of all ages, both near me and online. When working with you or your child, I spend the first few sessions working with you to find a baseline on what you struggle with the most. I will both help with homework and help strengthen ... [more]

Algebra 1

When teaching, I prefer to have the student explain as much of a concept to me as they can first, so I can see where they excel and where they struggle. By doing this, we can then focus on what they need help with so they can keep up with their math class in school, and reach their fullest potential.

Algebra 2

I work with students to identify foundational as well as technical issues they have, allowing them to reach their fullest potential.


When working with students, I try to help them understand what concepts mean; often visualizing the concept brings understanding quicker than letters and numbers on a page.


I find that many students at this level are still struggling with foundational concept; by working on those with them, as well as helping them to catch up in the more advanced concepts, we are able to work together to bring out the student's fullest potential.


Precalculus is inherently difficult for most students; when working with them, I ask them to explain what they can to me so that we can find where their limit of understanding is, and we begin at that limit. As we move forward and they gain confidence, we begin to also focus on study habits that will help them as they move forward.


Many people are simply bored by reading. By helping my students focus on what they are reading and living through the character's eyes, they become more immersed, and this immersion helps them understand what they are reading.

Study Skills

Studying for different classes in different grade levels may initially look different, but there are strategies that help at all levels. When working with students, we focus primarily on identifying habits (good and bad) and then focus on improving or removing existing habits, before then adding more helpful habits.


Even though English is the first language of many of my students, the rules behind it escape them, and they struggle with terminology. We begin with the basics to ensure they understand what is happening, and then move forward as they gain confidence.

SAT Math

When taking the SAT, there can be a lot of pressure to do well, as it impacts your ability to get into a good school! As is the case with most tests, I believe that a foundation needs to be built on both mastery of the material as well as strategies to effectively cope with the pressure and take the test at the height of your ability. As such, both of these topics are covered in sessions with me.


Taking the GED is something people do for a variety of reasons, but it frequently is stressful. My goal is to always help the student, adult or child, develop confidence in their existing skills, and improve their subject mastery to help their confidence, which is huge in taking tests.

SAT Reading

The Reading portion of the SAT is difficult for many students because they try to rush through it, reminded constantly of the limited time they have to take the test. When working with students, I focus on making sure they read everything completely and retain what they read.



The PSAT is many student's first experience with a standardized test that matters outside of high school. This test not only prepares them for college entrance exams, but also can qualify them for scholarships. In order to help them pass this test with good marks, we first focus on subject mastery to ensure they have no holes in their knowledge, and then look at test taking strategies.

ACT Reading

Many people feel rushed when they take standardized tests, and for good reason. One of my main focuses when working on the ACT Reading section is to help students remember that retention is more important than speed. We focus on strategies to encourage increased scores, and decreased stress when the test date comes around.

ACT English

As somebody who did well on the ACT English test, I know that preparation is key. Helping students prepare in a way that they understand and that will help them individually is much more impactful than any class or book can do for them, so that is what I strive for.

ACT Math

With the ACT, as with any standardized test, knowledge of the subject and knowledge of effective test-taking strategies have importance. I try to first ensure that the student has an in-depth understanding of the subject matter, before trying to work with them on study techniques that work for them, as well as test-taking strategies.

ACT Science

ACT Science is a subject that tends to intimidate because many people don't know what to expect. When working with students, we go through example questions and problems to help them see what they can spend their time studying, as well as different approaches to take when answering questions.

Elementary Math

I find that when working with younger children, often times simply trying to understand how the child thinks, and then explaining it to them in a way that makes sense to them will solve many problems.

Elementary Science

In my experience, many children simply don't focus enough to learn what they need to about science. Making science hands on and fun helps get the necessary focus for retention so they can do better in school as they apply concepts they learn.