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Patient and Creative Tutor with Prior Experience and Stellar Education

I am a Coloradoan who recently relocated to San Diego from the Tidewater area of Virginia. A homeschooler as a child, I've spent time in home school, public, and private education. In high school, I tutored middle school students in reading and comprehension several days a week. As a college student, I worked with underprivileged ESL students in an afterschool program that helped them with their homework and typing schools while providing a fun, safe, and stimulating environment. (I was also ... [more]

American History

I skipped US History in high school and moved directly into AP US History after several weeks - the first sophomore ever at my high school to do so, as US History was not offered to freshmen. I went on to pass the AP US History test with a 4. As a Politics major at Regis University (where I graduated with honors), our World War II Seminar was the focus on a 9News segment and I was handpicked out of our seminar class to be interviewed on television. History is an integral part of my undergraduate politics degree and my gradate international relations degree. As well as tutoring directly in US History, I also read it for fun and work in it to coach Model UN students at a high school level.


European History

I have a BA with honors from Regis University and a MA in International Studies from the prestigious Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver. My background is very strong in European history and current affairs, and I have tutored others in European government and currently tutor graduate students in international affairs. As well, I've worked with Model UN students using my extensive European history knowledge to prepare for their conferences. I love history, and love to help people learn it - using fun examples and stories! (I even study it for fun on my own!)


A lifelong reader, I was taught to read in homeschool. I've tutored middle schoolers in reading and reading comprehension, and worked in an ESL after-school program in college that helped provide homework assistance to elementary and middle schoolers in a safe and stimulating environment.


As an accomplished writer and political analyst, I am firmly of the opinion that education is one of life's most precious gifts and am privileged to help others learn.. I have been a reading and writing tutor in both high school and college for middle school students. I also scored 5s (perfect scores) on my AP English and AP English Literature exams, as well as a 6 (perfect score) on my GRE writing sample. In undergraduate and graduate studies, I often edited my classmates' papers and provided mentorship for their graduate projects. I also spent my college days immersed in the works of Shakespeare; examining the four waves of feminist ideologies in literature; exploring society and spectacle during the First World War through the works of Wittgenstein. At work, I edited professional publications, wrote articles for publication, and my research findings have been published in such esteemed periodicals as The Wall Street Journal and Vice.



Government & Politics

I graduated with honors from Regis University with a B.A. in Politics and with magna cum laude honors from the prestigious Josef Korbel School of International Studies at the University of Denver (named for former Secretary of State Madeline Albright's father; she and former Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice are both alumnae of the school). There, I studied International Studies, with concentrations in both International and Comparative Politics and graduated with emphases in Intelligence, Security, Global Health, and Professional Communications.


I've also recently relocated from the East Coast, where I worked in a library, helping children and parents find age-appropriate literature and learning to work the Dewey Decimal System for the first time. It's magical to watch a child unlock words and comprehension and see all the worlds available to them in books!

World History

I love to open the world of history, government and politics, and social studies to students of all ages and levels; it truly is one of my great loves in life. I'm an avid reader and a fantastic writer; a theater nerd - I love to bring history, politics, government, and social studies to life and show its impact in a myriad of ways...whether diagramming the different systems of government or following a bill from start to finish or impersonating a historical figure, however I can make the subject come alive, I'm happy to pursue it.


Social Studies


Political Science

I've interned for the Colorado House of Representatives and worked as a Research Analyst for the National Conference of State Legislatures in the Energy, Environment, and Transportation Division, providing bipartisan research for all 50 states and U.S. territories. I was a subject expert on over 30 issues and also worked on the Nuclear Legislative Working Group, which was a bipartisan committee of state legislators working with the DOE and other stakeholder on the issue of cleanup of the defense nuclear sites.