Jamie H.

Jamie H.


Sanford, NC 27330

Will travel 10 miles

$35 per hour.

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French and Music are specialties

I have tutored people for many years throughout my life and have always enjoyed watching them as they understand the topic more thoroughly. I know from experience that it is very easy to fall into the trap of believing that if you begin to fall behind, all hope is lost. I hope to be able to help students kick out that depressing feeling and believe in themselves once more. I tutored for Sandhills Community College for a semester, and that was only the beginning of my paid tutoring career. How... [more]

Ear Training

As a student of music who studied for an associates as well as a bachelors in music education, I was required to take ear training. I have an understanding of how intervals work as well as how to identify based on known intervals in daily life. I also know how to play the piano, which will be helpful in giving intervals as well as playing selected pieces for the student to dictate. Dictation and recognition of intervals is key in order to succeed in ear training.

General Music

With specified experience in violin and piano, it is only logical to understand that general music is something I have a firm grasp on. I can explain the staff as well as how to sight read music. I can teach about a variety of instruments and show how to learn strategies that will help in further recognition of the subject matter. I adore general music and have a broad understanding of music history, theory, and application.


I have played the violin for ten years and have been a participant of two community orchestras. The second one I stayed with for two years. I participated in concerts and recitals and well understand how to introduce people to beginning violin theory as well as more in-depth theory. I know the positions as well as the notes and can read the sheet music quickly.