Utsav J.

Utsav J.


West Lafayette, IN 47906

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Aerospace Engineer

My name is Utsav and currently I develop computational model for liquid propulsion in aircraft as well as rockets. I have a vast experience in fluid dynamics and I have taught robotics and fluid dynamics to many students before. What makes me unique is my expertise in different fields of science. Though I pursue aerospace engineering, but I have a tremendous experience in coding, embedded coding, neuroscience etc. which will definitely help any type of student to get motivated and learn mo... [more]



I have been doing computational fluid dynamics for the past 6 years which has made me used to writing CFD codes in FORTRAN and other languages.

Linear Algebra

I have been pursuing computational fluid dynamics for reacting as well as non-reacting flow for the last 6 years. I am passionate about fundamental physics and mathematics and in future I plan to work more in this field as well as teach my juniors and encourage them to understand the beautiful facts and theories behind nature.