Karen V.

Karen V.


O Fallon, MO 63366

Will travel 25 miles

$40 per hour.

4.95 19 ratings

Experienced and patient tutor

I have tutored both children and adults in various subjects such as Accounting, Mathematics, Beginning Reading and Phonics for many years. My tutoring clients tell me that I do a good job of explaining things to them in a way that makes sense. I individualize instruction according to the student's needs, strengths, and weaknesses. I can work with your materials, and in many subjects, I have helpful materials of my own. I have a passion for the Hebrew language, and have studied both Mo... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Microsoft Excel





I have a very good understanding of the many different ways sounds in English are spelled, which helps those learning to read. I also have a good vocabulary, so I can help with reading comprehension. I know grammar rules well, so I can help with the most common mistakes people make in their writing. I am not interested in helping students write essays, however, since that is an advanced topic.


ACT Reading

ACT Math

Elementary Math

Managerial Accounting

Financial Accounting

Elementary (K-6th)

I have college credits in both Human Growth and Development and Child Psychology. I have experience tutoring elementary school children in reading, penmanship, and math. I taught my own children for about 10 years during which time, they were in grades pre-kindergarten to 7th grade. I have a good understanding of relevant research on how children learn, and I am willing and able to adapt my instruction to the specific needs of the individual child. I am very passionate about helping children learn, especially reading and mathematical skills.


I have college credit in Child Psychology and Human Growth and Development. I taught my first child to read with a phonics approach, and he was reading by the age of three and a half years. I tutored a second-grader in Reading using a phonics approach and his mother reported how surprised she was at the big words he could read out of the newspaper. Since then, I have increased my knowledge and understanding of phonics, and I have located many excellent resources. For best results, phonics needs to be synthetic, teaching the child how to blend sounds together to sound out words, and systematic, covering the basic 70 to 74 graphemes (spellings) and their related phonemes (sounds).


I have 10 years of experience with homeschooling for grades pre-kindergarten to 7th grade. I also have tutoring experience with children in reading, penmanship, and math. I have done a lot of reading about effective teaching methods. I am also acquainted with various materials and resources available for homeschooling. I have college credit in Human Growth and Development and in Child Psychology. I respect parents' rights to educate their children according to their personal value system and religious beliefs.