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To anyone considering me for tutoring: I have over fifty years of experience in creating applications, developing ideas or applications and the programming of a wide range of tasks. This experience was gained starting in the mid 50s learning computer science out of a book, then starting as a junior statistician where I was allowed to practice "scientific programming" on the company's business computer. Moving into the 1960's, I grew into the role of an analyst as computer technology mo... [more]

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Computer Programming

I am qualified to tutor this very broad field by virtue of three distinct items of my own history. First, programming has been my career from my late teens in college when it became available to me until today, that spans a period of over 50 years. Secondly, one must be totally engaged and be passionate about anything that persists throughout his apprenticeship, then his vocational period where it puts bread on the table, and last continues even after retirement. In my learning period following College where I studied Computer Science out of a book using a "theoretical" computer, I was fortunate to have the availability of my Company's Business Computer (an IBM 1401) where I could teach myself to program in a language called FORTRAN. These early experiences could fill a book and probably bore the average reader. I honed my skills for five years at that Company and moved on to a more exciting venue of the mid 1960's. That era brought us to more in-house computers that were more controllable to furnish to industry what it needed rather than what the Behemoths of computing (such as IBM, UNIVAC and Burroughs) made available. In tandem with the in-house computers, the era of the PC emerged. Can you imagine the excitement that a PC elicited from a young adult who had grown up having to punch his source programs on eighty column IBM cards, then insert that source within a yard of cards that were digested by the computer, and then correct errors only to repeat the process? You cannot possibly imagine it, but I assure you that it was an exciting era for advancements in technology and the opportunities for learning what these advancements provided. Moving into the 1970's, I graduated to a language called DIBOL that was invented by Digital Equipment Corporation to bridge the void between COBOL, the mainstay of the Business Computing community, to FORTRAN and others that were necessary for the defense establishment. This language and its derived look-alike, DBL served me well for over 20 years. Now moving into the twenty first century, I have become more engaged in the use of internet based languages such as Visual Basic and HTML for over ten years. These and several more are likely to benefit you in this modern era. As proof of my accomplishments I have completed a robust application on the WEB where all of the necessary tools were self taught. I am qualified to teach you Programming because I derive the same satisfaction in seeing you succeed as I get from Programming for myself. That satisfaction is probably due to the instant reward that is obtained when something is done right and completed. While I have no certified teaching capabilities, I have a lifetime history of teaching peers and employees in a patient attentive manner. A very brief communication with me will attest to these claims. Please do not hesitate to request clarification or to further elaborate on any of the above claims.


FORTRAN was my first language at my first job as a Junior Statistician at my first job out of College. Our main objective there was to support the Apollo Program in the early sixties. I enjoy relating stories of the experience of learning how to to utilize the Company's business computer (an IBM 1401 having nothing but card reading capabilities) to submit, compile, debug and execute programs within 1600 bytes of RAM. We did some fairly amazing things in this limited environment. FORTRAN is a more structured version of a language that was used for heavy calculation than BASIC that preceded it. For enthusiasts of history it serves as an interesting milestone in computer technology.

Visual Basic

I have been programming for over fifty years using BASIC as my first language, and Visual BASIC most recently in conjunction with Excel and Visual Studio. While running my own Software Development Business, it was necessary to tutor my juniors and peers. During the last five years I have adapted myself to WEB Application programming using Visual Studio with VB exclusively. My own site will attest to my proficiency.