Connor R.

Connor R.


Portland, OR 97220

Will travel 10 miles

$45 per hour.

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Thorough and patient tutor: SAT, Math, Science, Spanish & Writing

I discovered my passion for teaching at Grinnell College, where I learned huge difference having committed and engaging instructors able to explain complicated material simply makes to students' learning. I had the opportunity to work as a student mentor for several classes there before graduating with degrees in philosophy, neuroscience, and linguistics, and try to model my teaching style after that of my best professors. Nothing is more satisfying than helping someone make a break through... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

Even though I've been tutoring Math for several years, I've never felt like I was a natural. Math at this level can become abstract and difficult. I work hard with students to give them an intuitive sense of what's going through a variety of explanation in simple language so that they understand what to do on test day.



I received A's in general and organic chemistry in college, and since I was chosen to be the student mentor for a general chemistry class, I have experience tutoring the subject.




I was a Spanish tutor for the National Spanish Honor Society, and can help you understand the finer points of Spanish grammar (I received top scores on the AP Spanish test and National Spanish Exam), or with building conversational skills (I lived and worked in Mexico for a summer). As a native English speaker myself, I know why Spanish can be tricky, and how to teach it to someone coming from an English-speaking background.



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