Kenneth S.

Kenneth S.


Durham, NC 27701

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$49 per hour.

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Experienced Teacher, Multi-instrumentalist & Composer/producer

It has been both a pleasure and a privilege to devote my life to the study of music. I began my musical journey on the ukulele when I was about four years old and when my hands were big enough I moved to the guitar and I have not looked back since. My music is my life-force and it electrifies my soul to help others realize their musical potential. I believe in laughter and positive reinforcement, despite my austere educational background. Many of my cello and composition teachers taught me wi... [more]

Microsoft Word

Music Theory


In preparing for my matriculation to Rice University and Duke University I took the GRE a couple of times. I received good scores and have gone on to finish my degrees at both institutions. I have experience tutoring others with standardized tests. I focus on strategies and tactics to use in preparation for and on the day of the test to attain the most successful outcome. I own several GRE tutorial resources, guides and books and I can make passages of these available easily to help our tutoring.

Adobe Illustrator

I've been using Adobe Illustrator for 10 years. I have made numerous professional graphic designs. I use adobe illustrator in my every day work flow. I have used illustrator for a myriad of applications including text setting in 2-D animation.

Ear Training

As part of my Ph.D at Duke, teaching was a substantial portion of my compensation. I taught labs in music theory, ear training 3rd semester, intro to music, electronic and several seminar substitutions and one-off workshop classes for my colleagues. My teacher from the university of AZ, Dan Asia is particularly notorious for his expectation of difficult ear training in private lessons. I demonstrated proficiency in these exercises when quizzed my him personally.


I have been playing the guitar and ukulele for 27 years. I regularly take gigs playing jazz, contemporary classical music and other forms of improvised music. One of my dissertation compositions is a 17 minute work composed for electric guitar with aid of a delay effect pedal. I have premiered and recorded this piece. It is titled, "Phase Locked Loop and Modulo Games".


I have been using Macintosh computers as part of my professional composing career for ten years. I am fluent in several programs, like Word, Illustrator, Premiere and several programs for audio manipulation. I have successfully compiled software in Xcode as well as written several Applescript utilities.

Music Production

The recording studio is a musical instrument. Technology enable us to sculpt the very essence of a sound. Using production techniques I can teach you, you will surprise yourself how good they will sound when I show you techniques of EQ, compression, busses and live sound processing. I have been a teaching assistant in courses in electronic music at both Rice and Duke Universities. In the summer of 2008 I attended a summer digital signal processing workshop at Stanford University and I spent 4 years as a researching collaborator and member of the Slippage lab at Duke University. This is a lab directed by Dr. Thomas DeFrantz and researches intersections between culture, race, gender and performance technology.