Jeanie G.

Jeanie G.


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Teacher4Life Never Giving Up

Dear potential student, I have been teaching for sixteen years and it is my true passion! I was called to teach and I never give up on a student no matter their struggles. I will look for ways to match their learning style and to keep learning engaging. Teaching has changed throughout the years but one thing that has never changed is my dedication to each and everyone of my students' success. Not all students can be straight A students but they can find greater success than they have be... [more]


I will test and monitor the student's individual reading ability and deficits. In addition I will purposely prepare lessons to help the student reach his or her highest reading potential. I will work with many different avenues of reading to help with reader interest as well as gaining readability. In addition, I will build a rapport with the student to help find reading materials that are of high interest to the student.






Elementary (K-6th)

I've been teaching elementary for the last 10 years specializing in writing and reading along with history. Before that, I taught 5 years reading and language arts at the middle school level. I have other certifications as well and I'm teaching in a self contained classroom this year teaching all subject areas.

Special Needs

I have sixteen years of certified teaching experience and have worked with students of various special needs during that time. I have worked in inclusive classrooms and worked extensively with IEPs and 504s to help identify what should be included in them and to maintain them according to the law. I especially identify with special needs students and overcoming/adapting to their problems with learning.


I have worked in self-contained classrooms for 16 years as a certified teacher servicing students with all types of special needs to include ADD/ADHD. Having had this experience, I'm able to identify these tendencies and look for strategies to help these students reach their highest potential for learning. I suffer with ADD and am able to show that it does not keep a person from being successful.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have been a certified teacher for sixteen years teaching in an inclusion model where students with autism are taught in the mainstream classroom. In addition, I have helped students who were not previously identified with autism get identified and receive special education benefits. Finally, I have a son who has autism so I'm very familiar with what a child requires in their educational environment.


I'm a certified teacher with sixteen years of teaching experience in both reading and writing with both elementary and middle school experience. I've received specialized training in recognizing dyslexia tendencies and identifying those markers. I've helped students get identified and worked to develop strategies to help them with their reading skills.

Social Studies

I am certified teacher in social studies, it is one of my specialty areas and I have always had a specific interest in history. I love to teach history not only from facts and figures but through documentaries, reenactments, historical fiction pieces and biographical pieces. I have sixteen years of teaching experience and utilize that experience to make history pertinent to today's issues.


I have a Bachelor's degree in Education and have been teaching for sixteen years. All of those years I have taught the state standards in both manuscript and cursive writing. I have worked extensively with students on their writing since I specialized as a writing teacher.

Common Core

I'm certified in both Texas and Georgia. I'm certified in all subject content areas for elementary to include common core. I'm certified from the PK-6th grade levels..


I have had experience working with students who have been homebound due to medical reasons. In addition, I have worked with students who have come from a homeschool setting and been acclimated into the public school. This is not always an easy transition but I've worked with students to make it easier.