Raymond K.

Raymond K.


Peoria, IL 61615

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$25 per hour.

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Accountant with a Passion for Education in Math, English, and Business

My personal philosophy is that anyone is capable of learning anything given the correct format. I have seen this philosophy come to fruition every semester I teach at Illinois Central College. After being allowed to tutor at my community college in 2008, I realized that effective tutoring starts with listening to the student and allowing him or her to set the pace. My job as a tutor is to motivate the student to persist while helping them stay on the right track. This independent approach... [more]

Algebra 1

As an Instructor of college accounting, I use algebra on a daily basis for practical use in finance and economics. During my college days I also worked as a tutor part time and helped students learn the basics of college algebra. My college transcript also shows that I've earned A's in College Algebra, Business Math, and Calculus for Social Scientists.

Algebra 2

I teach college level accounting and use intro to intermediate level algebra on an almost daily basis.



Microsoft Excel

I learned Excel through college courses and on the job at a Fortune 100 company. I use Excel on a daily basis in both my work and personal life to keep information organized and to communicate analyzed data to stakeholders. I'm proficient in creating Excel calculators, Monte Carlo Simulations, Financial Statements, Pivot Tables, and a wide variety of functions for almost any type of numeric need.



I am an Accounting Instructor with 2 years experience and a former Math and business tutor with 3 years experience, including prealgebra.


Part time blogger, writing hobbyist


Before I decided to major in accounting in college, my original plan was to become an English teacher at the high school level. Despite my change in career, I still write as a hobby and blog for fun on my off days. Also, as a holder of a graduate degree I took the GMAT, an exam that tested for aptitude in Math and English. I also take the time to emphasize and implement proper business writing for my accountancy students in my classes.





Elementary Math

College accounting professor and daily user of math

Managerial Accounting

I have a Masters Degree in Accounting from NIU, including Managerial Accounting. I have three years of teaching experience and two years of one on one tutoring experience.

Financial Accounting




I hold a Masters degree in Accounting and I have 1 year of experience as an auditor and tax professional and 3 years of experience at a Fortune 100 business as a revenue analyst. I've used methods such as financial ratio analysis, competitive research, and data modeling to find and predict business and market trends. I use this experience and knowledge to teach accounting full time, and business courses part time.