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Ashkan E.


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Experienced in computer engineering and programming topics, PhD

It took me a long journey to graduate as PhD of Computer System and Software from University to California, Irvine. During these years, I learned many subjects by taking courses, doing projects and also doing research. But I feel more comfortable in some more specific topics as I listed below: Data Structure and Algorithms Assembly programming C/C++ programming and debugging Computer organization Logic design HDL programming (Verilog, SystemVerilog, VHDL) Operating system Linux Microsoft off... [more]

General Computer

I have a good knowledge of computer assembling. I assembled more than 10 computers for friends and family. I used windows since i was studying in high school and later on continue my studying in field of computer engineering. Still have some passion of computer assembling which pushes me to follow the recent technology and products.

Microsoft Word

I started learning Microsoft office packages especially Microsoft Word since i was in high school. I remember I started using word with Word 97, later on updated my skills and knowledge as the others versions are out. I made many course projects reports and research reports with Microsoft office word. But, definitely I learned many of tricks when I try to use word to write my bachelor and master dissertations. I learned how to take advantage of Styles to make the whole documents more manageable in addition to using efficiently referencing sections. Every time the new version of Word is out, one of my hobbies is to study it to look for the options I know the word is capable of in addition to new features which are added to it.

Microsoft PowerPoint

I learned PowerPoint as I use it since I was at high school and later on for many different presentation for courses, defense exams, and conferences.


I started learning C and later expanded to C++ programming as a computer engineer student and established my skills by doing various projects during my graduate school. I also had a chance to serve both as TA and lecturer for C/C++ languages. These days, I do programming as a software engineer in a MidCap category tech Company in Silicon Valley.


I started learning C programming when I was a bachelor student. As a PhD student I took Advanced C programming in which I got an A+. Then I served as a TA of C programming for 3 quarters. Right now as a Software engineer I develop C-based programs.

Computer Programming

I got my PhD with major of Computer System and Software, Through the last couple of years I learned different level of programming languages. I have experience in C/C++ (high-level) in addition to x86/Z-80/MIPS/LC-3 assembly (low-level) programming languages, Perl (scripting programming) , and hardware design language (HDL) like Verilog/VHDL and System Verilog. I have developed some projects and currently i am working as an R&D in group who develop the compiler of HDL programming. I also served as a lecturer by delivering 4 courses at CSULB (data structure and algorithm, logic design, computer organization and assembly programming, micro-controller) in addition to 2 courses (Introduction to logic design and its lab) at UCI. Currently, I have a full time software engineer title in a MidCap category tech company in Silicon Valley.

Computer Science

As a bachelor student of computer engineering, I have taken popular computer science courses such as data structure, algorithms, operating system, and different programming topics. Later on to be admitted as a Master student of computer engineering I took a competitive entrance exam among 15000 in which I ranked 198. Later on I passed the PhD candidacy exam at UCI in which I was asked for algorithm, operating system, computer organization, and logic design courses. Finally, I had a chance to serve as a lecturer of data structure and algorithm course at CSULB university.


Mostly I learned to work with linux during the time I was student in university as a bachelor, master and PhD student. Later on I established my knowledge of linux and commands by reviewing a reference book. As a Software engineer these days I need to connect to a linux server and run my programs in which sometimes I need to take advantage of my linux knowledge to accelerate and automate some tasks.

Computer Engineering

My bachelor major is computer engineering (hardware) in which I have taken both computer topics courses and electrical engineering topics. Later I reviewed major computer engineering topics to prepare myself for entrance exam of master program. In this entrance exam O was asked for 16 topics including logic design, computer architecture (organization, operating system, data structure, discrete math, electrical circuit, electronic circuit, and VLSI. Later I have established my computer engineering knowledge focusing on advanced computer architecture topics through my master and PhD resulting in conference papers and per reviewed journal article publications.