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Philip P.


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Computer Science and Technology Professional

I am an experienced technologist that began his career in technology in 2004. In tandem with professional experience gained while working in the field, I also pursued a degree in computer science to improve my deeper understanding of computers and mathematics. I completed my MA in computer Science in 2017. I have experience as an educator and speaker along with writing and preparing high quality course material. This experience is founded in professional work as designer, developer, and adjun... [more]

General Computer



Adobe Illustrator

Web Design

I hold a degree in computer science. I have also worked in the field of technology for 10+ years. I have professional experience in website design. I created wireframes, full scale responsive design drafts, along with pixel perfect and responsive renditions of proposed designs using modern tools such as Bootstrap.

Adobe InDesign

I worked in a fast paced production environment where I used both conventional and automated methods to create reports and other documents using InDesign as the primary tool. I have both experience with the user interface and XML as well as Scripting for InDesign and IDML format. My experience in automation is limited to a basic understating. My experience with InDesign as an application is advanced.

Computer Programming

I hold a degree in computer science. I have also worked in the field of technology for 10+ years. I am also an experienced developer that works with PHP, Javascript, Ruby, and Python. I have an academic background in C++ and Java.

Computer Science

I hold a degree in computer science. I have also worked in the field of technology for 10+ years. As a student, I took advanced courses in theory of computation, data structures, machine learning and AI, quantum computing, algorithms, applied mathematics, discrete and finite mathematics. I continue to study subjects in the field to this day. I never stop learning.

Desktop Publishing

I hold a degree in computer science. I published seven of my own titles in print and ebook formats. My work is available on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, and Barnes and Noble.


I hold a degree in computer science. I have also worked in the field of technology for 10+ years. From virtualization to containers, to bash scripting, to the UNIX posix standards, I have an ongoing relationship with the Linux operating system. I manage all of my IT infrastructure using Linux and Mac OS X exclusively. As an academic I also worked with Solaris. I never stop learning about Linux OS.


My experience in MatLab is particular to Machine Learning and Big Data. I also have extensive experience with Computer Algebra Systems in general. I have used such systems to create advanced algorithm executions such as search algorithms against a state space, linear algebra implementations of learning algorithms including Logistic Regression and variants of Logistic Regression. I continue to improve my skills as a MatLab user.


I started working with PHP around 10 years ago. My experience with the language is intermediate. I have an in depth understanding of Wordpress and build out or alter themes as well as plugins using PHP. I also worked with CakePHP as an MVC framework.


I spent 2.5 years teaching elementary mathematics with focus on problem formulation and solving using computer algebra systems, in particular Mathematica. I will continue to teach Mathematica to students at CUNY York College as an adjunct Fall 2017+.

Graphic Design

I have 5+ years of professional experience in graphic design as a full-time technology and marketing professional.


I have been working with CSS for over 10 years. I am also a computer scientist with theoretical background as well as real world experience as a web developer. At present, I work with Bootstrap and Wordpress actively. For both technologies, I write custom CSS stylesheets to alter existing designs or build designs from the ground up.