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Kelly C.


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Elementary Math is my specialty!

Hi! My name is Kelly and I'd love to help your child succeed in the subject of math. I have been teaching for 30 years and have a knack for explaining concepts in "plain English" so students can understand. I, myself, am a visual learner so I love to teach with manipulatives and real-life, hands-on materials. I homeschooled both my daughters and my oldest one is now a teacher herself! I taught many math classes in homeschool co-ops but before that I taught kindergarten and, later, 5th and 6... [more]




With 2 education degrees and over 25+ years of teaching experience I am well qualified to teach pre-algebra. I enjoy finding new ways of helping students understand concepts and use manipulatives whenever possible. I think of math as many puzzles to solve and love helping students find the beauty in math. I have taught math classes from basic math through Algebra II and Geometry but my specialties are basic math up through pre-algebra.



I have two degrees in education, I've tutored several students in English, and I love to read and write! I have always received high scores on standardized tests in the area of Language Arts. I few years ago I helped write part of the Texas Department of Education math review guide for public schools which included written sections explaining math concepts. My job requires me to write reports and to edit others reports as well.


I taught English Conversation at a Korean High school in Korea. I've also worked with students from Mexico, India, and Nepal. I can help with reading, writing, sentence structure, speaking and listening.


Elementary Math

Elementary (K-6th)

I received my BS in Elementary Education in 1987 and my MS in Gifted and Talented Education in 1996. I taught kindergarten for 3 years then later taught 5th and 6th grade for 3 years. Later I homeschooled my 2 children and, along the way, taught many homeschool classes to children in grades 2-12. I have helped many of my students with remedial help and have held several tutoring positions over the years. My teaching method includes lots of visuals, bringing the subject matter to a level the students can understand and in "plain English". I use manipulatives and other hands-on lessons whenever possible and am quite adept at explaining a lesson in multiple ways until a student finally understands and grasps the concept.


Through my 2 degrees in education and 30 years of teaching, I have taught many students, including my own 2 children, how to read. I am familiar with how to teach phonics to beginning readers and the progression of how students learn to read - letter recognition, short vowel sounds, rhyming words, then long vowel sounds. Knowledge of syllables, compound words, silent letters, phonics rules and even root words are all important tools to help a person read and comprehend what they have read proficiently.

Study Skills

I have 2 degrees in education and have been teaching for over 25 years. I have taught students who are gifted as well as students who struggle academically or organizationally. I am very knowledgeable about organizers, planners, ways to study, mnemonics, and other "tricks" to help recall and/or understand lessons being taught.


I have 2 education degrees and, having homeschooled my daughters and having taught dozens of homeschool classes, I have a lot of experience dealing with students with ADD, ADHD and ASD. In addition, my youngest daughter has ADD and ASD so I'm very familiar with behavior modification techniques, calming techniques, and how teaching must be modified to meet the needs of these students.


When I lived in Texas I was a Test Item Writer for Harcourt and, later when their name was changed, Pearson. For 20 years I wrote test questions in the subject area of math for grades K-8. I wrote multiple choice, short answer, and essay questions. Over the years I have learned what makes a good test question, how to read a question to understand what it is asking, and how important distractors are. With my education degrees and years of teaching experience, plus my years of writing test questions, I am very qualified in this field. In addition, in the early 2000's I also helped re-write the TAKS test study booklet in the field of math for students who had failed the test and needed to re-take it.


I taught kindergarten for several years and handwriting was part of the curriculum. I also homeschooled both my daughters and taught them to write so handwriting was an essential part of their studies. In addition, one of my daughters is autistic and struggles with handwriting so over the years I have learned techniques to help her through these struggles.


I homeschooled both my children who are now 18 and 21 years old. My oldest graduated from the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and is now an 8th grade history teacher in Texas. My youngest graduated from high school this past year and is currently attending community college. Over the 15 years my daughters were in school I taught many, many homeschool classes. My specialties were in the subjects of math, reading, and art. I have also been a homeschool mentor to new families and spoke at several homeschool conventions over the years.