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Seasoned Industry Professional here to Help You Learn to Code!

Over 20 years ago, I began my career as a C developer. At the beginning, I was a programmer for a software training company. Becoming involved in their courses, I quickly discovered that training people is quite rewarding, especially in technical areas of my own interest. Now, as an experienced industry professional, I am here to help you learn skills such as C#, C++, ASP.NET, SQL just to name a small few. My approach blends technical and practical, and leans on analogy and comparison ra... [more]

General Computer

Being an IT professional, I am on a daily basis involved in general computer maintenance, installation, upgrades and diagnostics. This has been pretty much the routine for the past 25 years. I've been in the help desk position before, and can help you get the most out of your machine.



A secondary area of study in my C# experience, ASP.NET nonetheless is a player in my knowledge domain. Especially in the area of ASP.NET Core, we can cover topics like middleware, authentication, MVC, legacy OWIN and more. Included also is using ASP.NET Core in a linux and macOS environment.


I have a cumulative experience of over 7 years in C++ development, plus a particular love of the language. Being such a technical language, tutoring for this will often involve abstract discussions of assembly code.


I did a fair bit of C programming from 1991 to 1994, before C++ really took off. C++ is a direct derivative (superset) of C which C# is a relative - so the syntax is fully fresh for me. My technique for teaching this particular language would be to emphasize its performance characteristics, since that is the primary reason to use C instead of C++.

Computer Programming

I've been a professional software engineer since 1993. I have a lot of experience in the field. Training engineers falls into two categories: a) those who love it, b) those who seek a career in it. Although not mutually exclusive, the presence of a) takes precedence for a divergence from the more pragmatic approach I take when only b) is present.

Computer Science

I've been professionally involved in computers for over 25 years, taking on roles from IT, Programmer and even Technical Writer. In that span, all practical aspects of daily computer usage have been used and touched on routinely. Since it's such a broad topic, we can narrow down the subcategories according to your curriculum's needs.


Although not an expert in Linux, I know my way around it and have particular narrow but deep knowledge areas. I wouldn't bill this as my primary skill, but for someone just starting out in Linux, I can get them going as well as explain some of the methodologies at play.


Being a true technology lover, I include macOS in my daily regime of study and practice. Specializing in BASH command line usage, but inclusive of GUI-only tools, I've covered granular topics such as brew, pip, docker machine as well as more top-level scenarios such as configuring firewalls, networking and even specialized sound hardware. Inclusive also is experience software developing on this platform, primarily using Qt, Xamarin and command-line tools (C++ and C#).


I've been a professional C# developer since 2005 and I've mentored more than one employee along the way.

Music Production

I produced and engineered all the songs for my former band "Man vs Teeth", in addition to other musical endeavors. As such, I gained a fair bit of knowledge for basic recording, mixdown, eq, post, mastering as well as song composition. Though I am not an industry professional, I can absolutely get anyone aspiring in sound engineering off the ground and on their way.