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Dan J.


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Comprehensive Science, Engineering, and Mathematics Tutor, K12-College

I tutored all the way up to a senior level linear algebra course at the Michigan State University Math Learning Center for two years. I then applied for and was accepted as an undergraduate trigonometry teaching assistant leading recitation, office hours, and extensive grading with advanced student feedback. In graduate school, I instructed a senior level lab in analog integrated circuits. My passion is to learn how you learn and show you how enjoyable it really is. Math and science as langu... [more]

Algebra 1

Algebra 2

I led a discussion classroom for Algebra 2 and Trigonometry (a branch of geometry) at Michigan State as an undergraduate. I held office hours to tutor students one on one.

American History



I successfully raised a high school senior's calculus exam scores from a C range to B+ with one two hour tutoring session. She now has the tools needed to succeed independently.



European History

General Computer

I type 100wpm. I've assembled, repaired, and serviced many Windows computers and local home networks. I am proficient with Microsoft Office.


I have used and applied algebraic geometry, trigonometry, classical physics, and I now study rigorous techniques of proof writing in an Archimedes compilation of classical Euclidean geometry.


I took 3 physics courses in algebra based physics in high school. Then I had honors physics mechanics and electromagnetics in college. Tutoring is my passion.




I led undergraduate classroom discussion and office hours for MTH 116, Trigonometry and Pre-calculus at Michigan State Fall 2006. I excelled at and improved one on one student interactions.





Government & Politics


SAT Math


World History



Physical Science

My middle school physical science was sharpened by a Science Olympiad lab, so I do understand 7th grade education and how to prepare for it. I took physics in 10th grade and often helped the seniors. I took honors calculus physics at MSU and did collaborative projects. I can explain any degree of physical science ideas in language you can both understand.


I received a 99/99 on ASVAB in high school. High Officer Aptitude Rating test for a potential Officers Candidate School commission. I don't coach to tests, but I know the general know how needed for success.



ACT Math

Elementary Math

Elementary Science



Differential Equations

I took Honors Ordinary Differential Equations, achieving a 4.0 at Michigan State University. I also took Partial Differential Equations, achieving a 4.0. In my undergraduate honors level graduate course Linear Systems Theory, a highly theoretical applicable course in ODE systems, I achieved a 3.5

Linear Algebra

I tutored Linear Algebra proof writing techniques at the MSU Math Learning Center for one year. I was a highly sought after tutor for my ability to translate abstractions into a student's language. I achieved a 4.0 in both introductory Linear Algebra and a senior level course in highly theoretical finite dimensional vector spaces using the seminal text "Linear Algebra Done Right".


Digital logic and microcontrollers are the gold standard of applications of formal logic as I have performed both in academia and in private industry. Boolean Algebra is the expression of an abstract field of characteristic two, and I have applied this concept repeatedly as an electrical engineering and mathematics student and graduate. I have used Consensus Theorem, Karnaugh map optimization and minimization, and have taken the abstract algebra course necessary to understand not only the binary logic as it exists today, but what ternary logic would look like in the future. I often use the formal logic concepts of contraposititives, indirect proofs, sufficiency and necessity in logical implications, and the logical effects of altering the truth values of hypotheses and/or conclusions. I have tutored digital logic concepts to students in the laboratory and lecture requirements of applied formal logic of digital systems.


I have performed various control systems and electromagnetics calculations, including an electromagnetic impedance matching .m file for my Michigan State University undergraduate EE curriculum. I have used Simulink proficiently for Digital Nonlinear Control in a laboratory setting for inverted pendulum control, and z transform calculations. MATLAB has been particularly useful in my private research into nonlinear induction motor control research.

Microsoft Windows

I have been servicing and updating Microsoft Windows computers since a very young age, going all the way back to Windows 3.1 on the family computer. Often, command line based corrections were necessary to test the ping of a network connection for the legacy systems. I serviced my own Windows 2000 Professional, I've updated my Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 without much difficulty. I have proficient in tracking down drivers, changing registry key values when absolutely necessary, defragmentation diagnostics, recovery, and especially recovery of OEM Microsoft Windows installations on family PCs.

Social Studies

Social Studies, or social sciences are of particular interest to me. Geography (measurement of Mother Earth in Greek) as it leads into the study of society was an auto-didactic study of mine from a very early age. I performed in the Geography Bee state finals in 8th grade after taking a simplistic test. I only failed to answer two questions incorrectly on very complex geographic topics intersection with social studies. In high school, I excelled at World History through the ages from ancient Greece to the Roman Empire, Mesoamerican empires, Mongolian intrusions into the Middle East and Russia, modern history of war, etc. I am in the process of sharpening my understanding of psychology as a social science through gender theory on a more rigorous basis. I have a deep interest in economics as an applied social science for the stabilization of economies through currency alterations. The intersecting psychology, geography, politics, etc. of the economics social science (a social study) is continuing private research. For Middle School social studies, I can tell you I performed independent research on the rules of order (parliamentary procedure) in 5th grade and studied the history of war extensively. Civil War historical projects on Abraham Lincoln were quite intriguing. I have had numerous study sessions and interactions with classmates for instructive purposes in AP U.S. History, whereupon I achieved a 5/5 score, the only one in the course to do so. I excelled in sifting useful information from extraneous information, and am fully capable of setting up similar exercises for students.

Electrical Engineering

I graduated with a 3.7769/4.0 with a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics from Michigan State University in 2008. I was accepted as a research assistant at the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory where I performed theoretical control and stability analysis. My particular expertise is in control systems, especially Linear System Theory.

Finite Math

Finite mathematics is defined is everything before calculus. You cannot do calculus without the preliminaries. I have passed the calculus exam easily, ergo I am fully qualified to tutor the finite mathematics, especially since I tutored and lectured pre-calculus and trigonometry at Michigan State University as an undergraduate teaching assistant.