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Lillie M.


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Enthusiastic Math and Science Tutor Specializing in College Prep

Hello Learners! I'm Lillie M. and I am a recent college graduate of North Carolina State University (Class of 2015). When I was in school I double majored in Textile Engineering and Polymer and Color Chemistry. I always loved education and fell in love with math and science as I pursued these degrees. My enjoyment for education really blossomed when I had the opportunity to become a teaching assistant for the Computer Science department my sophomore year of college. During this time I was so... [more]

Algebra 1

I have worked with students in the past on the fundamentals of Algebra. I have created fun ways for students to learn by getting to learn the student and their interest. I use this to develop word problems that are common in test preparation for college as well as laid out basics.

Algebra 2


Majored in polymer chemistry in college.

Microsoft Excel

I am able to tutor in Excel because not only do I use this program everyday, but I have programmed in Excel before and have also taken a college course in Excel. I taught a freshman engineering course as well and have developed the program for teaching the portion of Excel for this course.


Microsoft PowerPoint



Not only am I an avid reader, but I have spent a high degree of my education as well as outside of school reading technical documents like journals and research as well as analysis of fiction literature. I enjoy working with students on reading comprehension and working on strategies to make them better readers.

Music Theory


SAT Math


ACT English

ACT Math

ACT Science

I have majored in two science heavy fields and when I was in high school I achieved a high score on the exam. I know how to explain the best uses for graphs and I can also work with students on determining areas that they are weak in the questioning stages. I also can work on general test taking methods.

Elementary Math

Elementary Science


I started taking piano lessons when I was in 4th grade, as well as music theory lessons to improve my skills. I competed in competitions for piano and during my senior year of high school I won the entire competition with a perfect performance and music theory score out of 300 students. I also worked with the younger students in the piano studio from beginners to intermediate students. I have learned how to teach proper techniques as well as keeping lessons fun for kids so they would continue to work hard.

Study Skills

Growing up I have always had to learn proper time management techniques to ensure that I could not only complete all my school work, but also be available to do my extra curricular activities. Due to a limited amount of time, I had to learn how to study smart and not hard. That meant that I needed to learn how to block out my time effectively and also determine learning methods that would help me the most in every subject. Because of this I was able to double major in engineering. While I was in school I also taught other girls how to have proper time management as well as teaching them their learning style. By understanding learning styles as well as communication styles I was able to tutor girls and understand the best methods to reduce the amount of study time required to learn the material.


I started taking violin when I was in the 6th grade and changed over to viola when I entered high school. I still have a background in violin, but as a violist I continued on to win scholarships to music camps that were going on at App. State, as well as superior ratings at state and county music competitions. I have also worked with younger students in music before and understand the importance of teaching students proper techniques while still keeping it interesting for their age level. I was also first chair prior to college in multiple orchestras across the upstate for viola. A lot of these skills also transfer to the violin and I was still playing the violin regularly as I continued in viola.

Visual Basic

I learned Visual Basic as my programming language throughout my engineering program. I have implemented and used visual basic within Excel to create User Forms and macros to aid shop floor associates with their needs. I have also used these tools to develop macros for memorizing flash cards and creating programs for students to aid in studying.

Tax Accounting

I was a VITA volunteer this tax season passing the Advance level of tax preparation. I understand the material very well and was considered one of the experts in my volunteer group. I also am going to be taking additional classes to increase my education in tax preparation.

Project Management

I am currently working on my Green Belt in Six Sigma meaning that my background cannot only be strong in statistics, but I also have to know how to communicate with people. I have held many successful projects in my career by distributing the load of work evenly to my associates as well as in college. I have participated and led leadership and communication seminars, and I have also studied on the most effective methods in which to accomplish a task. I use my background in Excel to help others learn how to make Gantt Charts as well as displaying tasks correctly and effectively.