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Spanish, Statistics, Social Sciences, Business, Marketing

I am proud to be a graduate of The Ohio State University in Anthropology (M.A.) and Sociology, with focus on demographics (Ph.D.). I have spent thirty years working and living abroad in more than sixty countries. Even today I continue to work in Asia, the Caribbean, and Latin America. Most often during those years, you could find me somewhere in Latin America. I know the language, culture, social and business norms. So, let's make this more than tutoring--let's have a dialog. M... [more]

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-Spanish Minor in College -Thirty years living and working in Latin America -I know the norms, culture, and business


I have worked and lived in Brazil over the course of my career providing executive and management training, developing research, delivering findings, and coaching.


Dr. O. has more than 20 years of global consulting, marketing, and sales expertise, successfully implementing international start-ups, launching cutting edge software programs and fine-tuning products and services in Latin America, Asia, and Europe. Today in his own consulting firm, Dr. O. oversees business development, service delivery, customer satisfaction, financial performance and market share growth for applications. Over the course of his career Dr. O. has acted as a global trainer, coach, and mentor in sixty global locations and throughout the USA in the topics of marketing, sales, business development, research, and data analytics. Recently, he conceived and developed a new revenue stream featuring an IaaS (infrastructure as a service; cloud-based) platform, secured executive support for its launch, sold the first implementation, then lead its delivery in under 4 months. He reversed account defections by: reestablishing key relations, generating compelling value propositions, and ensuring that dedicated resources were available to surpass client needs & expectations.


I have instructed introductory to upper level courses in Anthropology. I have also conducted multiple ethnographic studies and ethnographic interviews globally. Master's degree in anthropology from OSU.

Social Studies

I have a double BA in Anthropology and International Relations, an MA in Anthropology, and a PhD in Sociology - Demography.