Ragheed A.

Ragheed A.


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Experienced Software Developer and Mentor

I left a career as a health care manager after being bit by the programming bug. Having a BA in Economics and an MBA, I strengthened my technical knowledge via online certificates and short courses, as well as college and university courses in Computer Science. I am set to graduate this month from the highly-selective Fullstack Academy bootcamp, where I have been immersed in React, Redux, Node, Express, Sequelize, and Computer Science topics. I have taken courses at Harvard University's Ex... [more]


My first real in-depth exposure to Java was taking MIT's "Software Construction with Java" course on edX. I did well in that course, and since then have taken Data Structures at Harvard, where we learned not only how to program with Java, but also how to implement sophisticated data structures and algorithms with it. I also have experience tutoring high school students in programming with Java, and have made a habit of recommending the book "Think Java" (made available for free online by its author) to structure our lessons.

Computer Programming

I have taken several courses in Computer Science and programming. I have good knowledge of Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Java, C, and C++. Day-to-day, I use Python and CoffeeScript to build real-world software. In terms of teaching, I have mentored more than one programmer working with me to build web applications, and enjoy (and am good at) explaining programming concepts in a simplified manner. I find helping another programmer achieve a higher skill level to be extremely rewarding. I personally recommend people learn programming with Python. Its simple, clean syntax reduces barriers that get in the way of learning how to program. With that said, I would be happy to help you learn programming in any of the languages I listed above.


I have taken (and got an "A" in) a Python course at my local university. I have also taken the MIT course Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python on edX, both the Python 2 and Python 3 versions, and got an "A" in both of them. Finally, I have been programming professionally with Python 3 for almost 2 years, for a couple of startups I am working on. I am particularly strong in building Web applications using the Django framework.


I have been learning JavaScript for over 3 years, and using it professionally for close to 2 years. I have certificates from O'Reilly School of Technology covering JavaScript, AJAX, and JSON. I have a good working knowledge of plain JavaScript (and CoffeeScript), jQuery, Bootstrap plugins, and Ember. I am also familiar with React, Angular 1.x, Backbone, and Knockout. I have mentored fellow programmers in JavaScript within professional settings.


I have a good working knowledge of jQuery. In addition to studying jQuery, I have applied it in real-world projects. I understand how DOM manipulation, AJAX, and events work, and how to bring them together to form a cohesive application.