Kara K.

Kara K.


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Experienced Tutor and Substitute Teacher in Texas

I am Kara! I graduated with distinguished achievement in high school and then moved on to a four year university to study kinesiology. Going through school I always needed a little extra clarification to make sure I was understanding everything. I also needed extra help in certain areas and I rarely got the kind of help I actually needed. I understand the need for a little extra help and make myself available for questions and do my best to ensure that students understand the topic before mov... [more]

Algebra 1

I am great at math and especially love algebra. I work as a substitute teacher and always have fun teaching algebra to middle and high school students. It takes time to learn but once you understand it, it makes everything else in math much easier.




I have taken geometry in high school as well as college and did very well. When I substitute in high schools I typically substitute math classes and help when possible. I spend a lot of time in geometry classes and I feel as though I make an impact on their learning for the better.


I have always been interested in math, and have always loved learning new things and new ways of working problems. I have taken many college level math courses and algebra/prealgebra has always been one of my favorite subjects to work on. I am also a substitute teacher so I work with students regularly.


Reading is one of my favorite hobbies! Growing up I was always very interested when it came to reading and I always did really well on state tests as well as normal class work that involved reading comprehension.




Elementary Math

Growing up I have always had a passion for math. Learning new concepts and strategies intrigue me and I love teaching it. I am a substitute teacher for all grades of math and am qualified to tutor many different levels of the subject ranging from elementary to high school. I work with the students to find the best way that they learn, and then explain the topics in different ways if one way does not seem to be working. The best way to get students to understand you and work with you is if you do not make them feel like they are not smart or that they can not learn it. Positive attitudes provide much better results than negative attitudes and I strive to show everyone that we can all find a positive attitude towards math.

Elementary Science