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Lori M.


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Experienced tutor in writing

I have more than 30 years experience helping children from elementary school to college in a variety of positions from tutor to Adjunct Instructor at a local college from Study Skills to Introduction to Psychology. I have my Ph.D. in school psychology and understand how students learn and things that can get in the way. I believe that students have unique needs in learning across grades and subjects. One of the most important aspects of learning is comprehension of the basic concepts of any s... [more]




I have decades of experience teaching students better reading strategies from elementary school to college. As a high school tutor, substitute teacher and later adjunct college instructor, I have assisted many students with improving their skills to achieve academic success in various subjects. Beginning at recognizing vocabulary at each grade or college level is essential to understanding further reading.

Study Skills

I have decades of experience teaching and tutoring students to improve their study skills. From my experiences as a high school tutor, substitute teacher and adjunct college instructor, I helped students organize materials, take good notes, prepare for tests and manage their time to be successful in school.


I have several years of experience various written assignments such as writing resumes, essays, research papers and my dissertation. I am experienced in all areas of writing including effective sentences, grammar, editing and proofreading.



Career Development

Since I was a graduate student, I have helped others navigate interest inventories, job search sites, generate and update resumes and recommend ongoing education or professional development to benefit their career development. As a graduate student in a career development center, my role was to interview undergraduate students to understand their future plans and then generate a plan for them to access resources to further their desired career or graduate school aspirations. In counseling, I used this knowledge to assist adults who were experiencing changes in their career plans.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

I have a Ph.D. in School Psychology and have evaluated and helped create IEPs for several students on the Autism Spectrum. I understand the varied manifestation of this classification and the challenges presented at home and in school. Students are able to learn many subjects with very specific supports and accommodations.